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  • James Bradley “JB” Brown, Jr., LT, USN d. 28 Nov 1979, Age 28
    18th Company, B.S. Applied Science, Surface Line, (LB Pg. 394) EA-6B Prowler plane crash near Diego Garcia. Class of 1973 USNA Memorial Hall. Obituary for JB Brown.
  • Frederick William Caesar, III, LTJG, USN d. 20 Jan 1977, Age 25
    29th Company, B.S. Mathematics, Navy Air (LB Pg. 473) Sikorsky HH-52A Seaguard plane crash on ice patrol – Illinois and Mississippi rivers. Class of 1973 USNA Memorial Hall. Obituary for Fred Caesar
  • Brian Lee Cardiff, LTJG, USN d. 25 June 1975, Age 25
    1st Company, B.S. Analytical Management, Navy Air (LB Pg. 265) Aircraft collision during flight operations off the USS Forrestal in the western Mediterranean. Class of 1973 USNA Memorial Hall. Obituary for Brian Cardiff
  • Robert K. Christensen, CDR, USN d. 24 July 1992, Age 41
    31st Company, B.S. Mathematics, Navy Air (LB Pg. 486)
    CO of Strike Squadron (VFA)37 when the F/A-18 he was piloting crashed off the coast of Vieques. Class of 1973 USNA Memorial Hall.
  • John L. “Dails” Daily, Jr., CAPT, USN (Ret) d. 20 Mar 2013, Age 61
    15th Company, B.S. Foreign Affairs, Surface Line (LB Pg. 374)
    During his 29 years active duty, John served aboard ship, in the Pentagon, the Naval War College, and most notably as a helicopter pilot. In 1991 he assumed command of Helicopter Squadron H-2 based at NAS Norfolk. As OIC of the Detachment, John led the squadron in the theater during the Gulf War.
  • Michael Jay Gage, LT, USN d. 21 July 2014, Age 62
    25th Company, B.S. Aerospace Engineering, Nuclear Power (LB Pg. 446) Earned graduate degrees in engineering and math. Served on the nuclear submarines Tecumseh and Birmingham.
  • Scott Lars Hendrickson, CAPT, USN (Ret) d. 30 December 2003, Age 52
    9th Company, B.S. Operations Analysis, Navy Air (LB Pg. 331) Helicopter pilot, CO of HSL-34 at Naval Air Station Norfolk, VA. Persian Gulf War Veteran, served as Air Boss of the USS Iwo Jima, then Chief of Staff at DISA Westhem. Obituary for Scott Hendrickson
  • Derek Ervin Holmquist, LCDR, USN d. 1 April 1985, Age 34
    10th Company, B.S. Electrical Engineering, Navy Air (LB Pg. 337) His A-6 Intruder jet disappeared in the jungle or mountains of Panama. He was with Attack Squadron 35, based at Oceana Naval Air Station. Class of 1973 in USNA Memorial Hall.
  • James Pennock “Jim” Hopkins, IV, LCDR, USN (Ret) d. 28 Nov 2006, Age 55
    12th Company, B.S. Spanish, Navy Air (LB Pg. 351) Served in anti-submarine warfare with VP-4 and VP-17 with assignments in Hawaii, Guam, Venezuela, Okinawa, and Virginia. Jim Hopkins Obituary
  • Barry Lee Kelly, CDR, USN (Ret) d. 20 Aug 2016, Age 61
    13th Company, B.S. Oceanography, Surface Line (LB Pg. 360) A Naval Aviator, Barry later earned a Masters in Systems Science and worked for Lockheed Martin Systems Integration, and Lockheed Martin Bell Helicopters – TEXTRON. FindAGrave Obit for Barry    Obituary for Barry Kelly
  • George Kerlek, Jr, MAJ, USMC (Ret) d. 8 July 2017, Age 66 USMC Air (LB Pg. 397) Huey helicopter pilot. During the Beirut – Lebanon conflict, he served as pilot for American diplomat Philip Habib, mediator between Lebanon and Beirut. Barry also served as a helicopter flight instructor in Pensacola, FL and New River, NC, and as a personnel/logistics coordinator at the Pentagon and Marine Corps Base Quantico in VA. George Kerlek Obituary
  • Gary Woodrow Miller, CDR, USN (Ret) d. 26 October 2016, age 65 36th Company, B.S. Foreign Affairs, Navy Air (LB Pg. 527) As a mid, Gary was an exchange student at the Japanese Naval Academy and served for a summer aboard a Turkish submarine, functions as Communications Officer in NATO exercises. After graduate, he became a pilot and served in Jacksonville FL, Pensacola, FL, Corpus Christi, TX, and with the VQ-4 Squadron in California and Maryland, and flight operations in the Azores, Iceland, Spain and the UK. Obituary for Gary Woodrow Miller
  • Frederick Richard “Fred” Minier, ENS, USN d. 30 May 1975, Age 23 15th Company, B.S. Spanish, Surface Line (LB Pg. 377) Also 23rd Company Tiger. Fred designed the crest for the Class of 1973. When he was the Assistant Damage Control Officer on the USS Sampson DDG-10, home ported in Athens, Greece, ENS Minier, his dive team was conducting a hull inspection of the main condenser intake. The Engineering Officer was sucked against the intake grate, Fred unhesitatingly swam to his assistance and freed him, but Ensign Minier found that he became sucked up and lodged in the main condenser with simultaneous loss of his breathing apparatus. For this act of heroism, Fred was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal, posthumously, Class of 1973 in the USNA Memorial Hall. Fred Minier Eulogy
  • Robert Michael “Mike” Norman, CAPT, USN (Ret) d. 7 August 2013, Age 61
    29th Company, B.S. Aerospace Engineering, Navy Air (LB Pg.476) F-14 fighter pilot, then Wing Commander of the 84th Fighter Squadron. After completing the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School, Patuxent, MD, Mike flew and tested fixed-wind, rotary-wing, and tilt-rotor aircraft. In 1980 he was selected as a NASA Group 9 Astronaut Candidate. After retiring from the Navy in 1985, and armed with a PhD in Aerospace Engineering, Mike worked as a Research Scientist with The Boeing Company. Obituary for Mike Norman
  • Lewis Gregory “Greg” Pallas, LT, USN d. 17 October 2013, Age 51
    4th Company, B.S. Political Science, Navy Public Affairs. Served aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, US Pacific Fleet, and at the Pentagon. Following his military service, he spent 18 years in the US Senate as Legislative Director and Chief of Staff to Senator J. James Exon of Nebraska. When Senator Exon retired, Greg worked with ITT Industries, Defense, McLean, VA. Obituary for Lewis Gregory Pallas
  • Charles Ralph Porcelli, LCDR, USN d. 14 May 2015, Age 63
    23rd Company, B.S. Analytical Management, Navy Air (LB Pg. 437) Navy pilot for 12 plus years, then went to work as a systems engineer for NAVMAR Applied Sciences in Warminster. Obituary for Charles Ralph Porcelli
  • James Carlton Radney, LCDR, USN d. 28 September 1982, Age 31
    12th Company, B.S. Oceanography, Nuclear Power (LB Pg. 353) Navy pilot assigned to Key West Naval Air Station, Fort Meyers, FL, killed in a SH-2F Seasprite anti-submarine helicopter crash. Class of 1973 USNA Memorial Hall. Obituary for James C. Radney
  • Craig Otis Reynolds, Lt, USN d. 22 Mar 1978, Age 26
    7th Company, B.S. Analytical Management, Navy Air (LB Pg. 314)
  • Randy Jow Rickey, LT, USN d. 16 Oct 1977, Age 26
    34th Company, B.S. Analytical Management, Navy Air (LB Pg. 512) After participating in a 7th Fleet amphibious exercise in the Philippines, Randy’s A4 Skyhawk jet fighter crashed into Subic Bay when preparing to land. Class of 1973 USNA Memorial Hall.
  • Larry Edward Rutledge, LT, USN d. 6 Aug 2014, Age 62
    34th Company, B.S. Analytical Management, Navy Supply Corps (LB Pg. 511) Obituary for Larry E. Rutledge
  • Thomas E. “Tom” Silva, LT, USN  d. 17 April 2013, Age 61
    19th Company, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Power (LB Pg. 406) Earned his Masters in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Virginia and became an internationally-recognized expert in nuclear energy and business. Obituary for Thomas E. Silva
  • Terence S. “Terry” Wilson, LCDR, USN (Ret) d. 24 Mar 2017 Age 66
    9th Company, B.S. Systems Engineering, Navy Air (LB Pg. 333) F-4 jet pilot, later attended medical school and became the head of the ER at the Orlando Naval base.  After leaving the Navy, Terry went into private practice and participated in many community medical activities. Obituary for Terry Wilson  
  • William Stephen Weise,   d. 14 Dec 2014, age 63  3rd Company, B.S. Analytical Management, Navy Air (LB Pg. 287)
  • Donald Hobart White, LT, USN    d. 7 Mar 2014  Age 63  17th Company, B.S. Management, Navy Surface Line (LB Pg. 373) Obituary for Donald H. White


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