This is our most current list of deceased classmates (as of  16 MAY 2024):

List of Deceased Classmates – Alphabetical

List of Deceased – Year of Death


Obituaries, photographs and other information, where available, is provided below in the alphabetical listing.


Recent Deaths


CAPT. Allen Ross Hansen, USN (Ret) passed away on April 13, 2024 in Billings, Montana.

William Douglas Good passed away on January 30, 2024.  He will be buried at Takoma National Cemetery in Washington State.

CAPT John Bradley Gregor, USN (Ret.), 72, of Wooster, passed away on Sunday, October 29, 2023 at the Wooster Community Hospital in Wooster, OH

CDR Thomas F. Gorman, Jr.,USN (Ret.),72, died unexpectedly on 4 October 2023 in Knoxville, TN.

Obituaries are provided below in the alphabetical listing.


A very moving Memorial Service for fallen classmates was held on October 6, 2023, as part of our 50th Reunion.  The Service was conducted in the large auditorium at the U.S. Naval Institute Conference Center, which is located in space that was previously part of the old Naval Hospital.  The Memorial Service was recorded, and the Alumni Association has provided us with both the presentation slides and a video-recording of the event. See the following links.


A very moving memorial service for fallen shipmates was held on September 1, 2018 as part of our 45th Reunion.  The following link provides a copy of the ROLL CALL from the memorial service, which represents the most inclusive list of fallen shipmates that has been assembled to date:

ROLL CALL from 45th Reunion Memorial Service

Rev. Randy Reinhardt ’73 provided some very meaningful remarks at the Memorial Service, which included some comments on the late Senator John McCain, who was to be buried at the Naval Academy the following day.  The following link contains the text of Randy’s remarks.  Randy Reinhardt’s Reflections – 45th Reunion. Sep. 1. 2018

Please contact the Class of 1973 webmasters if you know of a “fallen classmate” to add to this list, or if you are providing changes and edits, obituaries, or additional information for any of the following individuals.  Our special thanks as we endeavor to keep these shipmates and their families in our hearts.  We would like to include links to the obituary, eulogy, and other memorials for each departed classmate…we are in the process of updating, adding burial information and obituary links for each classmate…You can even send us a nice “short” story about one of these classmates…. and, a picture or two of them playing USNA sports or participating in activities… plus a picture of them out in the fleet… Thank you so much!


The following classmates passed away prior to graduation:

  • Joseph Donald Anderton – d. 9 Sep 1969
  • Thomas Joseph Somok – d. 27 Jun 1970
  • Collins Harvey – d. 22 Jun 1971
  • Reginald Richard Campbell – d. 6 Jun 1972
  • Lance Fremd – d. 6 Aug 1972
  • Richard Jackson Allen – d. 20 May 1973
  • Steven Owen Coats – d. 20 May 1973

The following classmates passed away after graduation:

  • Rex Timothy Aaron, d. 20 Apr 2023, Age 71
    11th Company, BS. Econ, Navy Surface Line, (LB Pg. 342). Rex T Aaron Obituary
  • Donald Hugh Atchison, d. 27 Feb 2022
    19th Company, BS. Analytical Management, USMC (LB Pg. 402) Donald Atchison Obituary
  • John David Angus,  d. 13 Feb 2013
    22nd Company
  • James B. Ayres, Jr., CAPT, USNR, d. 1 Feb 2004
    14th Company, BS. Analytical Management, Navy Air – See Shipmate Memoriam
  • Bruce Michael Bachman d. 18 Mar 2021
    3rd Company, Polit. Sci., Navy Air, (LB Pg. 281) Mark passed away after a long battle with lung cancer.  Bruce Bachman Obituary  Bruce Bachman Photograph
  • Mark John Brousseau, COL, USMC (Ret), d. 13 Jul 2019, Age 67
    19th Company, B.S. Ops Anal, USMC, (LB Pg. 403) Mark passed away at his home in Mission Viejo, CA, after a long illness. Mark Brousseau Obituary
  • James Bradley “JB” Brown, Jr., LT, USN d. 28 Nov 1979, Age 28
    18th Company, B.S. Applied Science, Surface Line, (LB Pg. 394) EA-6B Prowler plane crash near Diego Garcia. Class of 1973 USNA Memorial Hall. JB is buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Memorial Section 1.
  • Frederick William “Fred” Caesar, III, LTJG, USN d. 20 Jan 1977, Age 25
    29th Company, B.S. Mathematics, Navy Air (LB Pg. 473) Sikorsky HH-52A Seaguard plane crash on ice patrol – Illinois and Mississippi rivers. Class of 1973 USNA Memorial Hall. Also, the USCG Aviation Memorial, Elizabeth City, Pasquotank County, North Carolina.
  • Brian Lee Cardiff, LTJG, USN d. 25 June 1975, Age 25
    1st Company, B.S. Analytical Management, Navy Air (LB Pg. 265) Aircraft collision during flight operations off the USS Forrestal in the western Mediterranean. Class of 1973 USNA Memorial Hall. Brian is buried at the USNA Cemetery, Section/Lot 02-0261E. Obituary for Brian Cardiff
  • Paul David Carstens, d. 18 Sep 2018
    4th Company, Anal. Manag. Navy Line (LB Pg. 290)  Paul is inurned at the USNA Columbarium.
  • Robert K. “Bob” Christensen, CDR, USN d. 24 July 1992, Age 41
    31st Company, B.S. Mathematics, Navy Air (LB Pg. 486)
    CO of Strike Squadron (VFA) 37 when the F/A-18 he was piloting crashed off the coast of Vieques. Class of 1973 USNA Memorial Hall. Bob is buried at the Ponte Vedra Valley Cemetery, St. Johns County, Florida.
  • Raoul B. Conway, DDS. d. 24 Apr 2003, Age 51
    21st Company, B.S. Analytical Management. Raoul Conway Obituary
  • Robert Burrud Cory, d. 16 Feb 2010
    19th Company, Anal. Manag., USMC (LB Pg. 403)  Robert Cory Obituary
  • Douglas Evan Creed, d. 2 Jun 1973
    26th Company
  • Carmen F. Cristallo, Jr., d. 2 Feb 2010
    29th Company
  • Daniel Craig Cummings,  d. 6 Nov 1976
    31st Company
  • John L. “Dails” Dailey, Jr., CAPT, USN (Ret) d. 20 Mar 2012, Age 61
    15th Company, B.S. Foreign Affairs, Surface Line (LB Pg. 374)
    During his 29 years active duty, John served aboard ship, in the Pentagon, the Naval War College, and most notably as a helicopter pilot. In 1991 he assumed command of Helicopter Squadron H-2 based at NAS Norfolk. As OIC of the Detachment, John led the squadron in the theater during the Gulf War.  John Dailey Photo   Obituary for John Dailey
  • Enrico Giacomo Del Puppo, USMC, d. 20 July 2001, Age 49 32 Company, B.S. Foreign Affairs and French. (LB Pg. 494) Obituary for Enrico Del Puppo.
  • John C. “Jack” Dempsey, Jr., d. 15 June 1998,  Age 47 
    20th Company, B.S. Math, (LB, Pg. 409)
    Jack attended Nuclear Power School and subsequently served on an attack submarine.  After resigning from the Navy in 1979, he worked for several Washington area consulting firms as a nuclear systems engineer, then helped form Semper Technologies in 1990.   He remained an avid and competitive runner, participating in more than 25 marathons and serving as president of the National Capital Track Club of Washington. Obituary for Jack Dempsey
  • Frederic Earl Depew,  d. 8 Oct 2000
    17th Company
  • Stephen Mark Dole, II, CAPT, USN (Ret) d. 18 Oct 2012, Age  61 11th Company, B.S. Analytical Management, Navy Air (LB Pg. 343) He retired from the Navy after 24 years. Stephen Dole Obituary
  • Dennis M. Dwyer, RADM, USN (Ret), d. 14 Apr 2020, Age 68
    18th Company, Ops. Anal., Surface Line (LB pg. 396)  “Denny” died after an extended battle with Alzheimer’s Disease.  He earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and as a RADM (upper half) led the development of the Navy’s aircraft carriers. Dennis Dwyer Obituary
  • Frederick Gustav Ernsting, Jr., d. 25 May 2016
    3rd Company
  • Rory H. Fisher,  CAPT, USN (Ret), d. 2 Aug 2022
    16th Company, B.S. Aerospace Engineering, Navy Air (LB Pg. 381) Rory Fisher Obituary  Rory Fisher Photo
  • Raymond “Ray” or “Steamboat” Nellis Fulton, Jr.  LCDR, USN d. 9 Sept 2012, Age 60
    10th Company, B.S. Naval Architecture (LB, Pg. 337)
    Ray served on the USS Reasoner and the USS Francis Scott Key, before becoming an instructor at Nuclear Power School.  He retired from the U.S. Naval Reserves in 1989. Following active duty, Ray worked as a senior engineer for AdTech, and a  naval architect for the Navy, Scientific Mgmnt. Assoc., a nuclear engineer for DOE, a naval architect at JHU/APL, and owned Steamboat Enterprises in Annapolis from 1993-2007!  His son, Christopher, is a navy pilot. Raymond is buried at the USNA Columbarium, in Wall 36-5-B. Obituary for Steamboat Fulton 
  • Michael Jay Gage, LT, USN d. 21 July 2014, Age 62
    25th Company, B.S. Aerospace Engineering, Nuclear Power (LB Pg. 446) Earned graduate degrees in engineering and math. Served during the Cold War on the nuclear submarines USS Tecumseh SSBN-628 LT and USS Birmingham SSN-695 LT.. Michael is buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri. Condolences from the Submarine Veterans Condolences for Michael J Gage – 10 August 2014Obituary for Michael Gage  
  • Ernest P. Giere, III CDR Philippine Navy, d.1 Apr 1990
    23rd Company, B.S. Aerospace Engineering, (LB. Pg. 432) Giere studied aeronautical engineering at FEATI University and was the first Filipino to earn a degree at the Naval Academy. He also did further studies at the Asian Institute of Management. He was assigned in the Philippine Navy’s naval research unit and was involved in  Project Sta. Barbara of then President Marcos. He was also sent  for training in Germany and when he returned home he knew how to design missiles or rockets. He was also involved in naval development projects in Leyte which helped the local population cope up with their sea transportation problems. Outstanding high school alumni award.
  • John Corban Goble, d. 23 Mar 2009
    33rd Company
  • William Douglas Good, USN,  d. 30 Jan 2024
    33rd Company, Phys. Sci., Surface Line (LB Pg. 432). Bill is buried in Takoma National Cemetery in Washington State. Bill Good Photo
  • Wellington H. “Duke” Gordon, LTCOL, USMC  d. 8 Nov 1992, Age 43 
    23rd Company, B.S. Foreign Affairs. (LB Pg. 432) Served in Vietnam. Duke is buried in the USNA cemetery, Sec/Lot 02-0261E.
  • Thomas F. Gorman, CDR, USN (Ret), d. 4 Oct 2023, Age 72
    7th Company, B.S.Physics, Nuclear Power (LB pg. 311) Thomas F. Gorman Obituary and Photo
  • John Bradley Gregor, CAPT, USN (Ret), d. 29 Oct 2023, Age 72
    2nd Systems Engineering, Navy Air (LB pg. 275) John Bradley Gregor Obituary and Photo
  • Richard Alvin Griffin, Jr. 
    36th Company, B.S. Analytical Management, Navy Air (LB pg. 524)
  • Tim Hale,  d. 30 Aug 2018
    Tim did not graduate from USNA, but eventually served as a Captain in the U.S. Army.  He earned a Doctorate in Pharmokinetics from the University of Arkansas Medical School. Tim Hale Obituary
  • Allen Ross Hansen, CAPT, USN (Ret), d. 13 Apr 2024
    18th Company, B.S. Oceanography, Navy Air (LB Pg.396) ALLEN ROSS HANSEN PHOTO   ALLEN ROSS HANSEN OBITUARY
  • Scott Lars Hendrickson, CAPT, USN (Ret) d. 30 December 2003, Age 52
    9th Company, B.S. Operations Analysis, Navy Air (LB Pg. 331) Helicopter pilot, CO of HSL-34 at Naval Air Station Norfolk, VA. Persian Gulf War Veteran, served as Air Boss of the USS Iwo Jima, then Chief of Staff at DISA Westhem. Scott is buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Section 66. Site 3589. Scott Hendrickson Photo     Obituary for Scott Hendrickson 
  • Peter Davison Herlin, LCDR, USN, d. 3 Nov 1987
    17th Company, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Surface Line (LB Pg.388)
  • David Lawrence Herr, CDR, USN (Ret), d. 18 May 2019
    17th Company, Chemistry, Surface Line (LB Pg.388)
  • Raymond Burl Herring, d. 23 Mar 2021
    1st Company, Appl. Sci, Surface Line (LB Pg.268)  Raymond Herring Obituary
  • James Thomas Hindman, Jr., d. 7 May 2013
    24th Company
  • William B. Holmes, CDR, CEC, USN (Ret),  d. 20 April 2019, Age 67
    23rd Company, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineer Corps (LB Pg. 433).  Bill served in the Navy Civil Engineer Corps for 22 years, and subsequently worked as Superintendent of Construction and Director of Facilities Management for the U.S. Architect of the Capitol. Bill Holmes Obituary
  • Derek Ervin Holmquist, LCDR, USN d. 1 April 1985, Age 34
    10th Company, B.S. Electrical Engineering, Navy Air (LB Pg. 337) His A-6 Intruder jet disappeared in the jungle or mountains of Panama. He was with Attack Squadron 35, based at Oceana Naval Air Station. Class of 1973 in USNA Memorial Hall. Derek is buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Memorial Section 1.  Please contact us if you can provide an obituary or memorial story  for Derek Holmquist.
  • Christopher J. Holthaus , d. 28 Dec 1992
    17th Company
  • James Pennock “Jim” Hopkins, IV, LCDR, USN (Ret) d. 28 Nov 2006, Age 55
    12th Company, B.S. Spanish, Navy Air (LB Pg. 351) Served in anti-submarine warfare as a navigator, tactical coordinator, and defense intelligence analyst with VP-4 and VP-17 with assignments in Hawaii, Guam, Venezuela, Okinawa, and Virginia. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Sec 64 Site 5379.  VP-4 Veterans Obituary  Jim Hopkins Obituary
  • Christopher Hamilton Hoyt, d. 13 Aug 2007
    31st Company
  • John Martin Hudspeth,  d. 26 Jan 2004
    28th Company
  • Louis A. Hughes, CAPT, USN (Ret), d. 27 February 2023, Age 72
    27th Company, Elec. Eng, Nuclear Power (LB Pg. 2460)  Lou served on active for 30 years before retiring in Virginia Beach. Lou’s specialty in the Navy was fast attack submarines – he was a plankowner for the USS Bremerton and would later go on to serve as her Captain while she was docked in Hawaii. He also called the USS Ethan Allen, USS Spadefish, USS Flying Fish and USS Memphis home. Louis Hughes Obituary
  • Jeffrey Allan Iiams, d. 12 Jun 1978
    34th Company
  • James Ernest Jackson, Jr.,  d. 10 October 2018, Age 67
    31st Company, Ops. Anal., USMC,  (LB Pg. 488)  James Ernest Jackson Obituary
  • Maxwell Lee Jones, d. 11 May 2013
    31st Company
  • Frank G. Kale, d. 9 May 2016
    22nd Company
  • Barry Lee Kelly, CDR, USN (Ret) d. 20 Aug 2016, Age 61
    13th Company, B.S. Oceanography, Surface Line (LB Pg. 360) A Naval Aviator, Barry later earned a Masters in Systems Science and worked for Lockheed Martin Systems Integration, and Lockheed Martin Bell Helicopters – TEXTRON. Barry is interred at Barrancas National Cemetery in Pensacola, FL  FindAGrave Obit for Barry   Obituary for Barry Kelly
  • John Francis Kennedy, d. 8 Aug 2005
    30th Company
  • George Kerlek, Jr, MAJ, USMC (Ret) d. 8 July 2017, Age 66 USMC Air (LB Pg. 397) Huey helicopter pilot. During the Beirut – Lebanon conflict, he served as pilot for American diplomat Philip Habib, mediator between Lebanon and Beirut. Kerlek also served as a helicopter flight instructor in Pensacola, FL and New River, NC, and as a personnel/logistics coordinator at the Pentagon and Marine Corps Base Quantico in VA   See the Inurnment Ceremony at the US Naval Academy Columbarium.  USMC MAJ George Kerlek Jr – USNA Inurnment Service 18 June 2018    George Kerlek Obituary
  • Charles Bradley Knutson, d. 10 May 2020
    30th Company, History, Surface Line (LB pg. 482).  Brad passed away on May 10,2020, after a long battle with cancer.  Brad Knutson Photo
  • Thomas Leon Krupski, d. 16 Jan 1990
    23rd Company, Oceanography, Surface Line (LB pg. 435)
  • Donald Wray Lewis, d. 17 Feb 2012
    12th Company
  • Steven C. MacAllister,  d. 16 January 2008
    18th Company, Math, USMC,  (LB Pg. 398)  Steve MacAllister Obituary    Steve MacAllister Photos
  • Nikola Makarevich, d. 16 Feb 1974
    24th Company
  • Donald G. Marquart,  d. 27 December 2015
    19th Company, Oceanography, Surface Line, (LB Pg. 405) Don’s first assignment was aboard the LEADER, where he qualified as a Surface Warfare Officer and earned accolades including Best Fleet OOD Award. His next tour was with Navy Recruiting District New York, with the nearly impossible task of recruiting and meeting physicians and nuclear power personnel quotas. Don was frocked as a lieutenant commander, but his life took and unexpected turn toward entrepreneurship. In 1983, with investment funding from Southwestern Bell (now AT&T) Don co-founded First Pacific Networks, the original cable modem company. As Chairman and CEO, Don led FPN to Wall Street’s sixth largest IPO in 1992.  Don in inurned at the USNA Columbarium. Don Marguart Obituary
  • Thomas Richard Masker, d. 25 Seep 1978
    12th Company
  • James John Masterson,  d. 7 Mar 2019, Age 67
    30th Company, Anal. Manag., Surfac Line (LB Pg. 484)  James John Masterson Obituary
  • Albert Mayfield II, d. 2 May 2019
    Al Mayfield passed away after complications from Stage 4 lung cancer and brain cancer.   Al’s celebration of occurred at the Base Chapel of NAS Pensacola, with internment at the Barrancas National Cemetery, located at NAS Pensacola. Albert Mayfield II Memorial Comments
  • Gary Woodrow Miller, CDR, USN (Ret) d. 26 October 2016, age 65
    36th Company, B.S. Foreign Affairs, Navy Air (LB Pg. 527) As a mid, Gary was an exchange student at the Japanese Naval Academy and served for a summer aboard a Turkish submarine, functions as Communications Officer in NATO exercises. After graduating, he became a pilot and served in Jacksonville FL, Pensacola, FL, Corpus Christi, TX, and with the VQ-4 Squadron in California and Maryland, and flight operations in the Azores, Iceland, Spain and the UK. Obituary for Gary Woodrow Miller
  • Matthew Paul Minahan, d. 10 June 2017,  Age 66 
    7th Company, B.S. Aeronautical Engineering, Nuclear Power (LB, Pg. 313) Matt entered the nuclear power program, serving on SIMON BOLIVAR and SANDLANCE. After two successful tours at sea, Matt left the Navy to pursue a career in software development. In the ensuing years, while raising his family, he earned his master’s degree in Divinity from Calvary Baptist Seminary in Lansdale, PA, and served many years as an assistant pastor and deacon in his churches in New Jersey and Temple Baptist Church in Charleston. Obituary for Matt Minahan
  • Frederick Richard “Fred” Minier, ENS, USN d. 30 May 1975, Age 23
    15th Company, B.S. Spanish, Surface Line (LB Pg. 377) Also 23rd Company Tiger. Fred designed the crest for the Class of 1973. When he was the Assistant Damage Control Officer on the USS Sampson DDG-10, home ported in Athens, Greece, ENS Minier, his dive team was conducting a hull inspection of the main condenser intake. The Engineering Officer was sucked against the intake grate, Fred unhesitatingly swam to his assistance and freed him, but Ensign Minier found that he became sucked up and lodged in the main condenser with simultaneous loss of his breathing apparatus. For this act of heroism, Fred was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal, posthumously, Class of 1973 in the USNA Memorial Hall. Frederick Minier is buried in plot F, 288-A  at the Culpepper National Cemetery, Virginia.  Fred Minier Eulogy
  • Edward James Muldoon, d. 21 Aug 1988
    14th Company
  • James Patrick Murray, CDR, USNR (Ret),  d. 3 May 2019, Age 68
    26th Company, Anal. Manag., Navy Air (LB Pg. 455).  Jim Murray Obituary Jim Murray Photos
  • Robert James Namiot, d. 3 Nov 2008
    6th Company
  • Robert N. Nestlerode, CAPT, USN (Ret), d. 7 Jan 2012
    15th Company, B.S. Physics, Nuclear Power  (LB Pg. 378) Bob Nestlerode Obituary
  • Steve R. Nichols,  CDR, USN (Ret), d. 8 Aug 2020
    21st Company, Elec. Eng., Navy Air  (LB Pg. 417) . After serving 20 years as an F-14 pilot, Steve retired and flew as a commercial pilot with Southwest Airlines.   Steve Nichols Obituary
  • Robert Michael “Mike” Norman, CAPT, USN (Ret) d. 7 August 2013, Age 61
    29th Company, B.S. Aerospace Engineering, Navy Air (LB Pg.476) F-14 fighter pilot, then Wing Commander of the 84th Fighter Squadron. After completing the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School, Patuxent, MD, Mike flew and tested fixed-wind, rotary-wing, and tilt-rotor aircraft. In 1980 he was selected as a NASA Group 9 Astronaut Candidate. After retiring from the Navy in 1985, and armed with a PhD in Aerospace Engineering, Mike worked as a Research Scientist with The Boeing Company. Mike is buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Section 35, Site 3602.  Obituary for Mike Norman
  • Michael Joseph O’Shaughnessy, d. 31 Mar 2001
    35th Company
  • Lewis Gregory “Greg” Pallas, LT, USN d. 17 October 2013, Age 51
    4th Company, B.S. Political Science (LB Pg. 293) Navy Public Affairs. Served aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, US Pacific Fleet, and at the Pentagon. Following his military service, he spent 18 years in the US Senate as Legislative Director and Chief of Staff to Senator J. James Exon of Nebraska. When Senator Exon retired, Greg worked with ITT Industries, Defense, McLean, VA. Greg is buried at the US Naval Academy Columbarium Lot 46-5-K. Obituary for Greg Pallas
  • Charles Lewis Peterson, d. 12 Mar 2015
    30th Company
  • Jerrold B. “JB” Peterson, Sr. COL, USMC (ret), d. May 2007, Age 56 
    26th Company, B.S. Political Science (LB Pg. 456), JB served in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom.  He late attended Tulane Law School and served as the Central Staff Director at the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. Obituary for JB Peterson.
  • James Edwin Pons, d. 4 May 2002
    27th Company
  • Charles Ralph Porcelli, LCDR, USN d. 14 May 2015, Age 63
    23rd Company, B.S. Analytical Management, Navy Air (LB Pg. 437) Navy pilot for 12 plus years, then went to work as a systems engineer for NAVMAR Applied Sciences in Warminster. Obituary for Charles Ralph Porcelli
  • Gregory Pozinsky, d. 29 Jun 2003
    30th Company
  • James Carlton Radney, LCDR, USN d. 28 September 1982, Age 31
    12th Company, B.S. Oceanography, Nuclear Power (LB Pg. 353) Navy pilot assigned to Key West Naval Air Station, Fort Meyers, FL, killed in a SH-2F Seasprite anti-submarine helicopter crash. Class of 1973 USNA Memorial Hall. Obituary for James C. Radney
  • Edward Randolph Reinhardt, d.27 Dec 2021
    3rd Company, Management, Navy Air, LB p. 286. EdwardRandolphReinhardt_Obituary
  • Craig Otis Reynolds, LT, USN d. 22 Mar 1978, Age 26
    7th Company, B.S. Analytical Management, Navy Air (LB Pg. 314). Enroute to Navy Flight School, Craig earned his Masters Degree at the Navy Postgraduate School in Monterrey, CA. He earned his Wings Of Gold and was assigned to HS-4, homeported out of NAS North Island, CA. During a combat search and rescue exercise mission near NAS Fallon NV on March 22, 1978, the SH-3H Craig was flying crashed with the loss of all five crewmembers, including LTJG Stephen LaBarre (USNA ’74)  Craig Reynolds Photo
  • Randy Jow Rickey, LT, USN d. 16 Oct 1977, Age 26
    34th Company, B.S. Analytical Management, Navy Air (LB Pg. 512) After participating in a 7th Fleet amphibious exercise in the Philippines, Randy’s A4 Skyhawk jet fighter crashed into Subic Bay when preparing to land. Class of 1973 USNA Memorial Hall. Please contact us if you can provide an obituary or memorial story for Randy J. Rickey.
  • Ernest Ray Robichaux, d. 17 Oct 2000
    29th Company
  • Larry Edward Rutledge, LT, USN d. 6 Aug 2014, Age 62
    34th Company, B.S. Analytical Management, Navy Supply Corps (LB Pg. 511) Larry Rutledge Photo   Obituary for Larry E. Rutledge
  • Noe Antonio Salazar, d. 6 Oct 2012
    20th Company
  • Richard Gail Samuels, d. 1 Aug 2006
    34th Company
  • William Curtis Sanderson, d. 20 Apr 2004
    32nd Company
  • John Stephen Schuchman, d. 8 Jan 1990
    34th Company
  • William Fred Seebode III, d. 17 Jun 2018
    16th Company
  • Charles Edgar Sellers, d. 5 Feb 2013
    28th Company (Graduated with USNA Class of 1975)
  • Frederick William Sexton, d. 7 May 2021, Age 70
    Fred left the Academy in 1971 but stayed in touch with a number of classmates. He worked for more than 30 years at the Sandia National Laboratories.  Frederick Sexton Obituary
  • Rodney Lenod Shockley, CDR, USNR (Ret.), d. 9 July 2017, Age 67
    8h Company, General Eng., Navy Air  (LB Pg. 323)   Rodney Shockley Obituary
  • Thomas E. “Tom” Sliva, LT, USN  d. 17 April 2013, Age 61
    19th Company, B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Power (LB Pg. 406) Earned his Masters in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Virginia and became an internationally-recognized expert in nuclear energy and business. Obituary for Thomas E. Sliva
  • Barry L. Smith, d. 13 Feb 2006
    18th Company,  B.S. Chemistry, USMA (LB Pg. 400)   Barry Smith Death Notice.
  • Kevin F. Smith, d. 8 Aug 2009
    27th Company
  • Thomas M. Strait, d. 2 Jul 2017, Age 66
    22nd Company, Anal.Manag., USMC (LB Pg. 429)   Tom Strait Obituary .
  • Stephen D. Sudkamp, CAPT, USN (Ret), d. 10 Jun 2019, Age 67
    17th Company, B.S. Mech Eng, Nuclear Power,(LB Pg. 392).  Steve succumbed to lung cancer.  He was surrounded by his family at time of death. Stephen Sudkamp Obituary
  • Stanley William Urban, d. 3 Mar 2012
    36th Company
  • Robert William Ver Voorn, Jr., d. 19 Sep 2004
    30th Company
  • Robert Dean Wakefield, CAPT. USNR (Ret), d. 20 Mar 2020, Age 68
    33rd Company, B.S. Mathematics, Nuclear Power (LB Pg. 505).  Bob passed away at his home near Annapolis, MD following a 5-year struggle with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). He died peacefully surrounded by his family.  Bob earned a M.S. in Nuclear Engineering and and M.B.A., and had a distinguished career in both the private sector and Naval Reserves. Robert Wakefield Obituary
  • William Stephen Weise, USNR (Ret)  d. 14 Dec 2014, age 63
    3rd Company, B.S. Analytical Management, Navy Air (LB Pg. 287) Please contact us if you can provide an obituary or memorial story for William Stephen Weise.
  • Jeffrey Dale Welsh,  d. 24 Dec 2020
    11th Company, Anal. Manag., Surface Line, (LB Pg. 348) Jeffrey Welsh Photograph
  • Raymond L. Wenderlich, d. 20 Nov 2020
    1st Company, B.S. Math, Nuclear Power (LB Pg. 271)  Ray Wenderlich Obituary
  • Mark A. Wheeler, LT, USN, d. 19 Jan 1988, Age 38
    1st Company, B.S. Chemistry (LB Pg. 272)  Mark went Nuclear Power and served on the USS Halibut (SSGN-587) and USS Spadefish (SSN-668) before leaving the Navy in 1978. He received his Masters degree from the University of Missouri at Kansas City and went to work for Mobil Oil in Louisiana and Western Gas Processors in Denver, Colorado. On January 19, 1988 Mark was a passenger on a commuter airliner which crashed in a snow storm on approach to Durango, Colorado.
  • Terence S. “Terry” Wilson, LCDR, USN (Ret) d. 24 Mar 2017 Age 66
    9th Company, B.S. Systems Engineering, Navy Air (LB Pg. 333) F-4 jet pilot, later attended medical school and became the head of the ER at the Orlando Naval base.  After leaving the Navy, Terry went into private practice and participated in many community medical activities. Terry Wilson Photo and Tribute    Obituary for Terry Wilson 
  • Timothy Lee Wilson, d. 14 Dec 2001
    26th Company
  • Donald Hobart White, LT, USN  d. 7 Mar 2014  Age 63 
    17th Company, B.S. Management, Navy Surface Line (LB Pg. 373) Obituary for Donald H. White
  • John D. Yepson, LCDR, USNR, d. 11 Oct 2011, Age 60
    2nd Company, B.S. Oceanography, Navy Line (LB Pg. 280)
  • Patrick Edward Young, d. 1 Mar 1977
    Pat was with the Class of 1973 until May 1973, when circumstances prevented his timely graduation.  He subsequently graduated with the Class of 1975, and went Navy Air.  He was killed when the F-4 Phantom he was piloting crashed. Patrick Young Obituary
  • Fred Carl Zeile III, CDR, USN,  d. 30 Dec 2018
    23rd Company, B.S. Oceanography, Surface Line (LB Pg. 438)  Fred passed away on 30 Dec 2018 in Slidell, LA, where he had lived since retiring from the Navy as a CDR in the Oceanography business.  He is survived by his wife, Ingrid, two married daughters, Kirche and Alicia, and three grandsons, as well as by Ingrid’s son, Hanson, daughter, Kirsten, and granddaughter, Katrina.  Fred and Ingrid celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on 17 Dec.  Fred was from Medford, NJ, and was a core member of the 23rd Company Sharks, serving as Company Commander for a set, lead blocker on the Co. Hwt Football team, and the go-to guy for June Week gatherings for four years.  He was an avid Philly sports fan, a lover of good R&B music and he had a shaky sense of fashion. He was an outstanding Naval officer, loving husband and father, and a fiercely loyal compatriot; he will be missed by all of us who knew him.


U.S, Naval Academy Cemetery and Columbarium

  • There are a number of specific eligibility requirements for burial in the U.S. Naval Academy Cemetery and inurnment in the Columbarium. For burial in the Cemetery, Naval Academy graduates must attain flag rank while on active duty. All Naval Academy graduates are eligible for inurnment in the Columbarium.Brochure for the U.S. Naval Academy Cemetery and Columbarium
  • Members of the Class of 1973 buried or inurned at the Naval Academy Cemetery:
    • Brian Lee Cardiff, LTJG, USN d. 25 June 1975, Age 25; Brian is buried in Section/Lot 02-0261E.
    • Raymond “Steamboat” Fulton, LCDR, USNR (Ret), d. 9 Sept 2012, age 60; He is inurned in Columbarium Niche 36-5-B.
    • Paul David Carstens, d. 18 Sep 2018
      Paul is inurned at the USNA Columbarium
    • Wellington H. “Duke” Gordon, LTCOL, USMC, d. 2 Dec 1992, Age 43. Duke is buried in Section/Lot 02-0261E (?).
    • George Kerlek, Jr, MAJ, USMC (Ret) d. 8 July 2017, Age 66; George was inurned in the Columbarium on 18 June 2018.
    • Lewis Gregory “Greg” Pallas, LT, USN d. 17 October 2013, Age 51; Greg is inurned in Columbarium Niche 46-5-K.


    Brochure for the Arlington National Cemetery – includes map

    Establishing eligibility for Arlington National Cemetery

    Members of the Class of 1973 buried or inurned at the Arlington National Cemetery: 

    • James Bradley “JB” Brown, Jr., LT, USN d. 28 Nov 1979, Age 28; JB is buried in Memorial Section 1.
    • Scott Lars Hendrickson, CAPT, USN (Ret) d. 30 December 2003, Age 52, Scott is buries in Section 66. Site 3589.
    • Derek Ervin Holmquist, LCDR, USN d. 1 April 1985, Age 34; Derek is buried in Memorial Section 1.
    • James Pennock “Jim” Hopkins, IV, LCDR, USN (Ret) d. 28 Nov 2006, Age 55; Jim is buried in Sec 64 Site 5379.
    • Thomas Leon Krupski, d. 16 January 1990, is buried in Section 66
    • Donald G. Marquart, d. 27 December 2015
    • Robert Michael “Mike” Norman, CAPT, USN (Ret) d. 7 August 2013, Age 61; Mike is buried in Section 35, Site 3602.


    The USNA Virtual Memorial Hall  exists to perpetuate the memory of alumni of the United States Naval Academy who have died in service to their country. As President Lincoln said in his Gettysburg Address, “It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion.”
    This site demands input from friends, family, classmates, and shipmates of the fallen. No team of historians could possibly provide the nuanced understanding of who these men and women were. Stories and anecdotes, no matter how trivial, will help us learn. Please contribute!


    This effort was created and is maintained by Run To Honor, a 501(c)(3) charity whose mission is to honor and remember those Naval Academy alumni lost in combat or military operations in service to our nation. Run To Honor and this site are not officially affiliated with the United States Navy or United States Naval Academy. Run To Honor is a Shared Interest Group (SIG) with the Naval Academy Alumni Association.

    There are 10 honoree members from the Class of 1973 in the USNA Virtual Memorial Hall.