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Task Force 73 Agent Orange (TF 73 A.O.)


Task Force 73 for Veterans (TF 73 for Veterans), Inc.

Update 21 November 2019

 ‘73er Classmates,

 After reviewing all the gouge we have posted on this website, I’ve suggested we remove a couple entries from the past that have become “OBE,” and rearrange our “gouge” items so that they are in the following order. I suggest reading this update of 21 November 2019 and then the following: 

  • Task Force 73 Agent Orange Update – 28 May 2018.
  • Task Force 73 Agent Orange – Update 7 September 2018.
  • Agent Orange Checklist.
  • “Diseases Related to Agent Orange.” Source:
  • “Agent Orange – a Relentless Tragedy.” American Legion Magazine – July 2018.
  • “VA Extends Agent Orange Presumption to ‘Blue Water Navy’ Veterans.” – Source:
  • The VA’s new five-part video tutorial series its New On-line Disability Compensation Form Tool – (accessible on VA’s Office of Information and Technology (OIT) YouTube page)

 If you have decided to initiate a VA VHA health care claim due to your exposure to Agent Orange while on our summer of 1970 Youngster cruise, which included a stop in Da Nang, Viet Nam, or as a “Blue Water Navy” Veteran of Viet Nam, then continue by first reading:

  •  All the other “gouge” references on this “Agent Orange Information” lead.

Once that’s accomplished, contact me via email. We’ll setup a time for a “short and to the point” phone call and you will save yourself invaluable time, effort, and possible frustration by doing so. Our Teams have amassed a great amount of experience dealing with the VA and VHA health care claims, and so far have a 100% success rate in helping Classmates achieve claim approval.

  • My best advice: Do not approach this challenge by yourself. This applies whether you were a High Striper, Super, or Man-in-Ranks. There are many ‘73er VA VHA health care claims Veterans on our Teams who are ready to help you! 

Finally, if you find yourself in need of filing such a claim, remember that having some sort of faith can provide you with a much needed foundation upon which you can have hope that whatever challenge you are facing, can be met head-on with great confidence, courage and optimism. Any questions, just ASK!

Best/ Bill/ Non Sibi.

 Bill Short ‘73

Here are the topics and “gouge” in the order that Bill suggested.

Task-Force-73-Agent-Orange-Update-28-May-2018 –

Task Force 73 Agent Orange – Update 7 September 2018

Agent Orange Action Checklist (for use when filing a claim)

Diseases Related to Agent Orange

“Agent Orange – A Relentless Tragedy”Agent Orange – A Relentless Tragedy

“VA Extends Agent Orange Eligibility to Blue Water Navy Veterans”VA Extends Agent Orange Presumption to Blue Water Navy

“VA YouTube Tutorial on the New On-line 526 Digital Disability Compensation Form Tool”

Here is some additional further information that may prove useful.

  • Some classmates have expressed concern that the VA may be under-compensating them for their Service-connected disabilities.  The following link to 38 CFR Book C, Schedule for Rating Disabilities, should prove helpful in this regard.  It lays out, in detail, the legal framework for determining compensation.
  • Whether a Vietnam Veteran has or has not been diagnosed with an Agent Orange type health challenge, but was exposed to it, he/she should be registered with the VA.  There is no cost but significant possible benefit.  You can still apply for disability compensation if you were exposed to Agent Orange.

Agent Orange Registry Health Exam for Veterans – VA Public Health – similar pages

Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange – Compensation  – similar pages

The Children of Agent Orange ? ProPublica – 139k – similar pages



The following ship list was downloaded from the following section of the VA Website:

Page 31 of this list states that USS Cleveland (LPD-7) [Amphibious Transport Dock] sent Naval Academy Midshipmen on training mission ashore at Da Nang on 9-10 July, 1970

List of Ships that Operated in Vietnam

USNA Midshipmen Assigned to USS Vancouver (LPD-2)

USS Cleveland Deck Log Book

USS Vancouver Deck Log Book

VA Form 21-4138

VA Requirements for Claim