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FROM THE CLASS PRESIDENT: This list of Classmate interests and activities is provided for general information purposes only, and none of these interests or activities is organized, sponsored, directed or controlled by the U.S. Naval Academy Class of 1973 Association, Inc. BEAT ARMY!  Dirk

30 April 2021 – 73 POWER PRAYER TEAM

73 Power Prayer Team – 27 April 2021 Update

The 73 Power Prayer Team (73PPT) was founded during the weekend of our 30th Class reunion in the fall of 2003. It was during that Homecoming Saturday morning that a group of approximately 60 ‘73ers plus family members met at the USNA Chapel for what was advertised as a “faith-based, non-denominational, prayer fellowship.” All ‘73ers were invited to attend. In addition to prayer and music, a sermon was offered by 73er Randy Reinhardt. Also, our first 73er Memorial Service was included with the reading of the names of all those who have gone before us. That part of the fellowship was led by 73er Tim Ellis.

During that weekend, it was decided that we would continue with such a service at each of our next 5-year reunions. The 35th, 40th, and 45th Reunion Memorial Services were all well-attended and appreciated. Our next will be held during the weekend of our 50th reunion in 2023.

The mission of our 73 PPT is:

to pray for the spoken and unspoken needs of our Team members, including our USA, Navy, Marine Corps, all our Armed Forces, Veterans, First Responders, Health Care Workers, and any or all other needs and requests.

All 73ers, their family members, and friends are welcomed to join the Team and be added to the email distribution list. There is no obligation other than to pray in your own way for the prayer requests as they are submitted and distributed. We have found this fellowship to be an invaluable way to be aware of our Classmates’, Shipmates’, Teammates’, Brothers’, and Sisters’ needs for prayerful support.

Within the past year, our Team added an activity named the 73 Power Prayer Zoom Team comprised of approximately 30 members of our 73 PPT. Its mission is identical to our 73 PPT and meets for one hour, twice a month. More information is available upon request.

We remind all to “never forget nor underestimate the power of prayer,” and we stay unwaveringly focused upon our God who created the Heavens and the Earth and has given us all this incredible opportunity to serve Him here in this life, and to be with Him forever in the next. Our Team can be contacted via email at:

Best/ Bill/ Non Sibi

Bill Short