2023 Ring Dance




Hi, Everyone.

Here is a recap of the Ring Dance in the words of several of the 25 Classmates with their ladies who were present in Dahlgren Hall during the evening of May 21st.

This was a strong turnout, and once again I thank you for the support you have given to our ALITC program.  I know that the Class of ’23 greatly appreciates our joining them at these milestone events.

What makes the Ring Dance a particularly unique occasion is that ’23 got to meet so many of our wives.  We provided a great example on so many fronts, perhaps the most significant is that after 50 years we as a Class still gather and celebrate our Class, and now theirs too.  I hope they will carry this forward 50 years from now when it’s their turn join the Class of 2073.

Don & Sheri Price                                Patricia & Mill Montgomery             Jane & Bob Preston

Several Classmates & their “Better Halves”                            Leif and Karen Hendrickson

Rick & Karen Elliott                                                     John & Donna Russell

Many thanks to Classmate Tom “Killer” Kilcline for offering the toast to the Future Great Class of 2023, exhorting them to always stand by each other through thick and thin, for better and for worse, and in peace and in war. And 50 years from now, may the Class of ‘23 gather in Dahlgren as they offer their toast to the Class of 2073.


Tom Kilcline proposing toast to 2023                        Remarks by 2023 Class President Grant Booker


From your own words, here are your reflections on the evening.  Also, thanks for the photos you sent.  I hope I captured them all below.  If I missed any of your inputs and photos please let me know and resend them to me and I will ask Rick Elliott to post them.

 From Terry McKearney:

It was a terrific evening … . Only downside was we didn’t get to speak to more of our classmates!


From Tom Kilcline:

… The Ring Dance was loud, colorful, and the Mids seemed to be having a blast.  Deb and I talked to several of the Mids and their dates and they were glad that we were there to share in another milestone in their Academy experience.  The quick interlude for the toast and Dirk’s remarks went fine – the acoustics in Dahlgren Hall meant that most of the Mids could not hear us clearly, though the Mids that could hear did cheer loudly for their class toast….

From Jim Moseman:

Here’s my impression.  The style of the Ring Dance has changed a bit–to the better, with wider attendance by the class of upcoming firsties and dates.   Reunion with 73 classmates was great, but nothing compared to Emily’s and my conversations with 2023 midshipmen and their dates.   We were struck by how counter-cultural, at least in media terms, these young people were.  Intelligent, respectful, professional, and hopeful.  I could not reach back in time to 1972, in my mind’s eye, until I heard their stories and aspirations, and that of their dates.   This is the best of America.

Non sibi, Jim

From Rick Stewart:

… We all who attended had a very nice time.  Dirk … gave a nice and well received talk to the Class of 2023.  I am attaching a photo of myself and my wife Corie from the event.  We enjoyed talking to our Classmates and their wives.  Corie and I reminisced with John Russell about all three of us being in the Masqueraders’ production of “Guys and Dolls” during our Second Class year. John played the lead, Sky Masterson.  He remembered Corie who, still in high school then, was a dancer in the Havana Night Club scene while I played a gambler. We enjoyed catching up with Max Linder, a fellow 26th Company friend, and his wife Mary.  Also, enjoyed chatting with many others including Bill Montgomery, Bill Decker, Pete Dubuisson, Ed Donofiro, Mike Rader, Don Price, Kevin Callahan and others.  I also chatted with some from 2023 who were glad that we came.  Good food and good drinks, unlike just the punch we had at our Ring Dance (which was still a great outside event with fireworks).  I and Corie were both at the ’73 Ring Dance way back then.



        Rick & Cora Stewart              Rick Stewart & “Hall of Fame” Fencer Ed Donofrio

From Max Lindner:

Mary and I had a wonderful time. Thanks for coordinating!

Who should we write to express our gratitude for the invitation?

Non sibi.


Rick Elliott, Grant Booker & his Date, Dirk Mosis     1973 & 2023 Class Presidents Shaking Hands

From Don Price:

Forgot to send you a writeup from Sheri and my being there. Have braced myself up. We had a great time. As others have said it was fun to talk to classmates (though, not surprisingly, hard to hear with the music blaring), and also fun to “Mid watch” all the 23ers. As I remember, at ours, everyone had a date whereas now lots of singles and groups which I like. A few pictures are attached.



Don & Sheri Price

From Kevin Callahan:

Superb party!  I talked to a dozen or so 23ers and had a great time.    They were very welcoming.

Kevin Callahan with Karen & Rick Elliott                  Three 2023ers with Rick Elliott

From Bob Preston:

… At the dance we had a God moment. On I-day for the class of 23 we loaned our phone to a new Plebe to call home. She was alone in T court and looked lonely. Her Mom was ill and could not accompany her to Annapolis for her induction. Her name is Sarah Topic. She had to call multiple times as her Mom did not recognize our number but finally picked up. We had not seen her since then. In line to dip our rings we ran into her. After photos we promised to keep in touch. She wants a picture at Graduation to complete the cycle. Will send another text about the Mid we have grown close to.

Here are some photos of Riley Cushing. I did a ALITC talk to his group in Birmingham Alabama a month before they reported for I day. We had lunch with his parents at the function and of course Jane became Facebook friends. We reconnected on I day and every time we get to Annapolis. The parents and little brother plan to attend the Army game this year as I was able to order tickets for them. … He is a terrific kid. Robotic Engineering major.

Again hope you are well.


Jane & Bob Preston

From Leif Hendrickson:

The Class of 2023’s Ring Dance was quite an event — don’t know when I’ve ever (if ever) seen Dahlgren Hall look so festive.  The lighting was quite striking and changed constantly.

The libations (for those over 21) certainly added to the liveliness of the event for the Mids.  Not sure how I would describe the music and dancing but it reminded me of the Classy Party Boats on the Vltava River in Prague where young Europeans go to to party.   Perhaps not my cup of tea but they were having a ball, the dance floor was consistently jammed and that’s what counted …. it was their night. …

The “kids” were having a ball on the dance floor but would not have even considered negotiating the area with them.  Did speak with several early in the evening and they were so excited to have their rings ….. and to have maneuvered the last three years to where they are today.   So proud of them … and very happy for them. …

See ya soon ….



Karen & Leif Hendrickson

And this from Bill Montgomery.  Especially poignant, capturing so much that ties us to the past, present, and future:

… It was a great time not only catching up with classmates, but also the mids and dates who chatted with us. The Class of ’23 has had a lot of challenges and this was one the first “normal” things they’ve done since Plebe Year. They seemed to really appreciate our being there. Dahlgren Hall was very impressive – hard for the pics to do it justice. And it was completely packed later, including the dance floor.

I actually lost my class ring long ago and have been wearing my dad’s (’42) since he passed away 10 years ago.  So we re-dipped his, 81 years since the first time.  In fact, we were the last couple to go through, with undoubtedly the oldest ring. Maybe the photographer was a bit tired or had a couple of drinks already, but it appears the ship’s taking a starboard roll, which seems appropriate somehow.

A great success. Thanks for coordinating!



Patricia & Bill Montgomery

Party Animals – Ed & Donna Donofrio, Don & Sheri Price