Class Giving

Another Link in the Chain (ALITC)

Another Link in the Chain (ALITC) is a mentorship program connecting an incoming Naval Academy class with the class 50 years senior.  In our case, it will provide The Great Class of 1973 the opportunity to connect with the future Great Class of 2023. The program is managed by the Alumni Association.  Our first official engagement will be on their I-Day in 2019 and officially ends when the final member of the Class graduates and is commissioned in 2023.  In between these years will be several scheduled events for us to engage with the Class of ‘23.  Our spouses will also be invited participate in some of these.  During these engagements, it will be our turn to demonstrate our commitment to service, to share our experiences in the Fleet and the Corps, to emphasize timeless principles and values which have guided us, and to emphasize the respect and concern we maintain for each other and our Alma Mater over time.

Our ALITC sponsorship does not come without cost. As a Class, we will be expected to share expenses for such things as the I-Day Welcome aboard Picnic for families, Honor Coins, Ensign/2nd Lieutenant bars at graduation.

Coordinator & Contact Info: Joe Stewart,