Ninth Company


Ninth Company was exceptionally well-represented at our 50th Reunion, held from Oct 5-8, 2023.  The following pictures show all of the attendees at the Company Party on October 6 at the Annapolis Yacht Club.




The following file contains numerous pictures that Leif took at the Company party:  Leif’s Pictures – Company Party

In addition to Leif’s “Magnificent 7 then-and-now” photo, he prepared a ‘magnificent’ power point slide show that was on display (accompanied by music) at the Company party.  Here is a copy of that slide show:  REUNION PHOTOS


A number of us attended the Class Meeting, which was held at the U.S. Naval Institute’s recently completed Conference Center.  This very impressive facility is located at Hospital Point, in space that was formerly part of the Naval Hospital.


A very memorable and moving Memorial Service immediately followed the Class meeting. Here are the slides from the Memorial Service: Memorial Service Slides_Compress

The Memorial Service was video-recorded by the Naval Institute.  The Alumni Association will provide a link to the recording in the near future.





A professional photographer took many photographs at the Dinner Dance that was held in Dahlgren Hall on Sunday evening.  Those photographs are available for members of the Class of 1973 at no charge:

You click to select the shots you want, then hit download (the down arrow above the photo). You can then retrieve them from your download file and can transfer them to your photos.




Here is the “9th Company Table” in King Hall.  The food was indescribably better than it was 50 years ago.





A number of us attended the Dinner Dance in Dahlgren Hall on Sunday evening, which was the final event of the Reunion






Here is a link to the 9th Company’s photographs in the 1973 Lucky Bag: 9th Company

The following link is to the “Album” portion of 1973 Lucky Bag.  It provides a brief bio for each of those who graduated with the Class in June 1973: Lucky Bag – Album

Here is the link to the 9th Company website, which contains many information “treasures” :

Here is a list of 9th Company shipmates who graduated, and where they elected to serve following graduation:

The following members of 9th Company have passed away.  Additional information can be found on the Last Call/Memoriams page of this website.

John Seaberg has sent in a number of photographs from his personal collection.  Links to the files containing the photos are provided below each photo because some of them do not offer high enough resolution on the website page.

We also owe John our thanks for the numerous copies of The Log magazine that he contributed to the Class Archives page of this website:

2nd Batt Waterpolo Team Spring 1971


Ninth Company in Rotunda

Ninth Company Youngsters in Rotunda

34th Company Plebes

9th Company Graduation – 1


Graduation – Diploma Time


Graduation – Hats in the Air


Graduation – People in the Stands


Graduation – Wounded Warrior Pat VIrtue


Class of 1973 Anchorman Terry Silva


Graduation – Superintendent VADM Mack


Underclassmen Returning from Graduation


The following pictures were taken at the June 5, 1973 Color Parade.


Collection of June 6, 1973 Color Parade Photographs