Another Link in the Chain Events


Hi, Everyone – I have three things to mention in this very brief communication.

FIRST is a near-term event that has just popped up on the ALITC calendar.

It’s the Class of 2023 2/C Legacy Reception for the Parents of ‘23.

The gouge:

  • Date and time – September 30th from 1630 to 1830.
  • Place – Ogle Hall (Alumni House) 247 King George Street, Annapolis MD 21402.
  • How many can attend – four Classmates.
  • Can we bring spouses/significant others – yes.
  • Purpose – to mix and mingle and socialize with the Parents of our ALITC Class.
  • RSVP – please let me know (via email preferred) NLT June 26th.
  • Dress code – sports coat and tie, equivalent for ladies.

I regret the short-fuse on this one…..I received notification only yesterday (September 13th).

I also regret that our attendance is limited to so few. Since attendance is limited, we’ll go with the first four Classmates who RSVP “yes”.

SECOND is an update I owe to all of you.

After the Legacy Reception, I’ll gather up all that’s happened so far this academic year and provide a fall update.  So far there has been the Herndon Climb and the Commitment Night Reception and Dinner. an update will follow next month.

And THIRD, is the Class of 2023’s Ring Dance.

I do not have the date yet.  I don’t think it has been determined.  However, if past patterns hold, it will be during Commissioning Week in May of 2022.  In the past, the Ring Dance has been opened for members of the ALITC Elders to attend with spouses or significant others.  There was no limit on attendance.  Just wanted to mention this.

More to follow as soon as I know the date.

In the meantime, stay well, and as always my gratitude for all the support you have given to our ALITC effort.

VR and Non Sibi,

Joe Stewart, USN (Ret.) – ALITC Coordinator ‘73

410-271-9655 –


12 JUL 2021 – Another Link in the Chain – Update and Invitation to Commitment Night for the Class of 2023

Hi Again, Classmates.
Just wanted to provide a quick update since the Bonds of Gold Ceremony a few months ago, and more importantly to extend an invitation to attend the Class of 2023’s Commitment Night Reception and Dinner on Tuesday, August 24 th
First a general update:
Life has pretty much returned to normal back at the Academy.  Visitors are once again able to enter The Yard, the Mids are going about their summer training, and the Class of ’25 was inducted on June 30 th with open attendance for the swearing-in.
Unlike the festivities several of us were able to enjoy two years ago when we attended the Class of 2023’s I-Day, this year there was no picnic at Hospital Point.  Parents pretty much just dropped their kid off at Gate 1 and then entered The Yard later in the day when the Class took the Oath.  It was a good crowd that attended the ceremony, and as is typical of I-Days, it was hot – 95 degrees at 1800.  Been there, done that … 52 years ago.
As for an update on our ALITC Class of 2023:
One ALITC event that was resumed in the post-Covid era was the Youngster Luau.  That was held in the evening of May 19 th in Smoke Park. There was very good turnout from ’23.  They were glad to be maskless finally.  Our Class received a late invitation to attend; however, due to lingering concerns over Covid we were limited to only a handful.  My thanks to Killer Kilcline, John Yackus and Jim Campbell for joining me at the last minute to mix and mingle and sup with ’23.
For photos of the Youngster Luau, please go to the Youngster Luau – 19 May 2021 link at: Events and Programs – ALITC – Class of 1973-2023 –
We are aware that the Class of ’23 was shotgunned out to different companies as its Youngster Year concluded.  Unlike ’73, they won’t be entering their next two years at the Academy with the same Classmates in their I-Day platoons.  I spoke to a few of them about it.  There was some regret about it and some excitement to meet and know more Classmates during the next two years.  There are a few reasons why this was done.  As best as I can understand it, I think that the abnormal way of life thrust upon the Brigade from all the Covid restrictions had presented its unique challenges, and the Class “diaspora” is a chance to start over in some areas and rebuild what was lost over the past year and a half.
And finally, the Class of 2023’s Commitment Night Reception and Dinner on Tuesday, August 24th:
The evening begins with a reception from 1800-1900 in either Dahlgren Hall or Smoke Hall followed by dinner in King Hall from 1900 to 2100.
One of our Classmates will be a guest speaker.  Typically, the junior Class takes it upon themselves to select the speaker and extend the invitation.
Altogether, our Class can have a total of 50 attendees for the reception and dinner.  This includes spouses/dates for our total of 50.  (The Alumni Association stated that our numbers could be reduced if any Covid concerns arise. All non-vaccinated attendees will be required to wear masks.)
The most fair way to sign-up, I propose, is that the first to sign-up will be those who attend, and once we get to 50 Classmates with spouses/dates we’ll have to cut if off.
Please let me know if you would like to attend by COB Tuesday August 10th.  Email me at “ “.
Per Alumni Association requirements, if you attend I will need the following info from you when you respond:
  • Title/rank
  • First name and last name
  • Service
  • Spouse/date if attending
  • Email address
  • Cell phone #
Additional gouge:
  • Parking: Usually at 3rd wing, but TBD
  • DressJacket & Tie
  • Type of interaction/seating with Mids: Speaker and spouse at head table, Class President and spouse at head table. Other Classmates will sit among the Mids.
  • Other Information: Escorts will be assigned to escort members of `73 into King Hall for dinner.
That’s it for now for the update and invite.
We are about half-way through our ALITC Program.  It officially ends when the last member of ’23 graduates.  To me, it seems like a very swift two years behind us already.  I deeply appreciate all the support the Great Class of 1973 has rendered for this Program.  I think I have a good understanding of the level of involvement previous Classes have had with their ALITC Mids.  From all I can put together, we have been exceeding all previous participation.  My gratitude.
Sincerely, VR, and Non Sibi,
Joe Stewart
ALITC Coordinator
410-271-9655 (mobile)
10 MAY 2021 – Video from the Bonds of Gold ceremony on 26 APR 2021

The following update from Joe Stewart provides details on the Bond of Gold ceremony, and provides links to presentation made by three of our classmates who donated their class rings for this initiative.  The Alumni Association has provided the following video of the entire ceremony:

In addition this video ( ) was sent to Joe Stewart via the following correspondence:

Good Morning CAPT Stewart,

Sir, this is MIDN 3/C Grant Booker. Here is the other Bonds of Gold video that you hadn’t seen yet. It was made by one of our own Midshipmen, MIDN 3/C Ryan Mitchell. Thank you for your attendance with our class at both the Bonds of Gold ceremony and the Youngster Luau. We are so thankful to have such strong support from the class of 1973 and are honored to be able to spend time with distinguished graduates such as yourself. We certainly hope to see you again soon.

Very Respectfully,
MIDN 3/C Grant Booker
‘23 Class President”

Joe sent the following response:

Thank you, Grant.
It’s hard to express the fulfillment I’m blessed with when I had the privilege to speak in Memorial Hall about things I firmly believe in to young men and women my Classmates and I care about.

Let us know how ‘73 can be of service to ‘23.

Non Sibi,
Captain Stewart

USNA ’73 and USNA ‘23 – Spring 2021 Update

First of all, apologies for the gap in ALITC updates.  The last one was from the summer of 2020.

Since the Turnover Parade in August 2019, there have not been any ALITC events until the recent Bonds of Gold Ceremony late April 2021, and I’ll get around to that milestone event in this correspondence. But first …

As previously mentioned, of all our ALITC years with the Class of 2023, their Youngster Year is the one least impacted from an ALITC Program perspective.

However, from the Mids’ perspective the COVID impact has been significant.  In brief conversations with a few members of the Class, they realize that the traditional experiences they were anticipating since the beginning of their Plebe Year just were not there, most notably Sea Trials in Annapolis and the Herndon Climb.  These would have been in May of last year.

As for day-to-day life within the Brigade, it has been an existence unlike anything they were expecting or we ever experienced – long periods of restriction of movement, curtailed participation in athletic events, very limited attendance for Navy football, virtual learning, Mids living at St. John’s or with sponsors instead of in Bancroft –  to name a few.  One Youngster mentioned having to take meals back to their rooms instead of sharing the table-fellowship of King Hall (a.k.a. the “Mess Hall”). My sense is that they know they are missing something very significant, something that’s intangible but important.  Yet they remain hopeful, and are very eager to resume full lives as members of the Brigade.

Life is slowly returning here.  There were 5,000 attending Navy’s N-Star lacrosse victory over Army at the Stadium a few weeks ago.  Max Bishop Stadium is open for Navy Baseball. If you have a military ID card, you can once again enter The Yard. The Class of ’24 will have a Herndon Climb, and the Class of ’21 will have in-person graduation with limited attendance.   The Class of ’22 will have a Ring Dance, but not until first semester of next academic year.

(Unfortunately for the incoming Class of ’25 and their families, parents will not be allowed during I-day except to drop off their Mid at designated drop off areas.)

As for the recent Bonds of Gold Ceremony on April 26 th in Memorial Hall, attendance was limited due to COVID restrictions. In the past, there would be over a hundred Mids and robust participation by the ALITC class.   This year’s ceremony had a little more than 30 total, with just a handful of staff and ‘73.  The rest were Youngsters. Their attendance was voluntary. The event was live-streamed for ’23.

In order for the Mids to attend the Ceremony, they had to submit a special request. In order for their request to be approved, they had to write why they wanted to witness and participate in this event.   Thus, though attendance was limited, those who were there fully appreciated the significance of this milestone event.

The Great Class of ’73 had three donors who offered their rings to be melted into the gold for the rings of the Class of ’23.

(Additionally, there were four rings from the Class of 1923.  If the ALITC Program had been in existence during our day, these would have been our Elders.)

We are grateful to Marc Goldberg (26 th Company), Jim Gruber (36 th Company) and Dudley Outcalt (28th Company) for the donations of their rings.  Each one of our Classmates had their reasons for giving up the gold we’ve been wearing since 1972.  In their own words, their reasons are in contained in one of the attachments provided.

If you read them on (and I hope you will), our three Classmates describe exceptionally well many characteristics that define our Class.  Among them are dedication, duty, and the bond among Classmates.  They could not have been better stated.  They ought to be in Reef Points.

Jim Gruber was able to attend with his Company-mate John Yackus.  When Jim delivered his remarks, he conveyed a sincerity and depth that resonated in Memorial Hall. Bravo Zulu, Jim, and thank you for being there.

The remarks contain the introductory remarks by the ’73 ALITC Coordinator and the personal remarks of our three ring donors – Marc Goldberg, Jim Gruber, and Dudley Outcalt, and are on

Here are direct links to those comments:

Intro remarks and donor bios

Remarks by Dudley Outcalt

Remarks by Jim Gruber

Remarks by Marc Goldberg

Here’s the link to pictures of the the Ceremony:—alitc—class-of-1973-2023


I trust all are doing well.

All the best, VR, and Non Sibi,

Joe Stewart

ALITC Coordinator”

Previous ALITC News

Hi, Classmates.

As you are likely aware, our Alma Mater has entered uncharted waters due to Covid-19.  The life of the Brigade as we remembered it and as the current classes were until recently experiencing it has been turned on its head. The “new norm” is still evolving.

The purpose of my correspondence is to provide a brief update on how things might look for the second year of our ALITC Program as the Class of 2023 enters its Youngster Year. This update follows an early August virtual meeting led by the Director of Alumni Class Programs.  Class ALITC reps past, present, and future were in attendance.

Of all of our “ALITC years” with ‘23, Youngster Year is probably least impacted by Covid.  There are only two events traditionally scheduled, and only one is a keystone event. Those events are the “Bonds of Gold Ceremony” (the keystone event) and the Youngster Luau.  Both are in the second semester of 2021.  Here are overviews of both events:

Bonds of Gold

In the early spring of 2021, the class officers of ’23 officially accept donated ’73 class rings and miniatures in a solemn “Bonds of Gold” Ceremony in Memorial Hall.

The donations also include 100-year “link” rings held by the Alumni Association’s ring bank, and there is at least one ring from the Class of 1923. The donated rings are then melted down and added to the gold that will be used to forge the Class of 2023’s rings, creating a lifelong physical bond between the three classes.

The date of the Bonds of Gold Ceremony is not yet determined. Typically, a limited number of Alum from the donating class attends, with priority given to those who donated rings.  However, due to the evolving nature of the “new norm” we will have to learn if we will be able to attend in person, or if our attendance will be virtual, or if we provide videos to support the ceremony.  As I learn more, I will pass along the gouge.

In the meantime, there may be some among us who would be willing to offer their ring for this Bond.  If you would give this request your consideration over the coming months that would be appreciated.  Please contact me (my email address is at the end of this correspondence).  As ALITC Rep for ’73, I have been asked to collect our donated rings. I will hold them until the day of the ceremony. More to follow when the time is right.

So far I’m aware of one donation, by Classmate Dudley Outcalt (28 th Company).  Thank you, Dudley!

Youngster Luau:

Typically, at the end of 3/C year, the Youngsters meet at a designated venue for an informal picnic to celebrate being halfway through their Naval Academy experience. The date of ‘23’s luau has not yet been determined.  There are many things that will determine if the luau even occurs.  So it might not happen.

Regardless, the Youngster Luau is not a pressing event.  In fact, ALITC class coordinators from previous years have stated that the Youngsters are more interested in the chow than in guys our age.  I would be too.  So for Youngster Luau, a handful of us would be handful enough. More to follow when the time is right.

Other gouge:

  • For USNA Covid gouge, please see “U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY CORONAVIRUS GUIDANCE” at
  • Honor Coins are available for purchase. The cost is $15 plus shipping.
  • Temporary passes to enter The Yard are no longer being issued.
  • No word if the Class of 2023 will have a Herndon Climb.

And finally …

A while back when I was doing research at Nimitz Archives for our history in 2023’s Reef Points, I had access to catalogues from our day, Log magazines, MidRegs, etc.

I accumulated a lot of minutiae from these sources, and every once in a while I’ll post some of it. For now:

  • This one is from MidRegs (effective from 1964 to 1974): “Squad Leader – Commands the basic unit of the Brigade; must take a thorough personal interest in each member of his squad, know his problems, be solicitous of his welfare, and exact from him a strict and efficient performance of duty …”
  • And this one 50 years ago from the Naval Academy Command History (January 1970-June 1970): “These are trying times for our nation.  Almost every value we have cherished in our long history is being challenged and derogated.”

Trust all are doing their best to be well.

VR and Non Sibi,

Joe Stewart,




The following video link takes you to the “virtual” message that our ALITC Coordinator, Joe Stewart, conveyed to the Class of 2023 marking the end of their Plebe Year:  Virtual Address to Class of 2023



ALITC activities are on hold due to social distancing and other preventive measure triggered by the COVID 19 pandemic.  Here is an update from Joe Stewart, our ALITC Coordinator:

As we are well aware, activity in The Yard has been put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Superintendent’s top priorities are:

  • “Re-setting” Bancroft Hall.  The Brigade hasn’t returned to The Yard since they departed on Spring Break.  Their rooms are full of their belongings.  Bancroft needs to be made ready for the incoming Class of 2024.   Most importantly, the Class of 2020 needs to be commissioned.  Please see following short video made by the Supe and the Dant addressing graduation and commissioning:

Inducting the Class of 2024 in late June (scheduled for June 25th).

For now, our ALITC engagement with the Class of 2023 is not the major focus.  Will await for further guidance from the Administration with regard to Sea Trials and Herndon. As soon as we learn of the plans, we’ll get word out to our Class.

As for ALITC events for the Class of 2023’s Youngster Year, the impact should be minimal. There are only two scheduled events, and they are toward the end of the academic year.

In the meantime, please do the best we can to stay as engaged as possible with the Class of 2023 and their families.  Current constraints make that very difficult if not impossible. So if you have any good ideas on how we can maintain connectivity, please share the gouge.

The Superintendent knows that our Class is ready to support his efforts to move things forward.  I recently corresponded with him and took the liberty to offer our services in ways that would be helpful, safe, and “do no harm”.

Admiral Buck responded as follows:

“I appreciate your offer and effort to stay engaged, especially with your ALITC class of 2023.  More to follow where I will be able to and need to enlist your help and your classmates.”

That’s it for now.

Be well and Non Sibi,

Joe Stewart




Hi, Classmates.

As we begin 2020, I just want to provide preliminary gouge about two ALITC events this May as well as other info. This correspondence will cover:

  • Class of ‘23’s Sea Trials (May 12th)
  • Class of ‘23’s Herndon Climb (May 18th)
  • Engagement with Parents’ Clubs
  • Honor Coin Purchases

Sea Trials – Tuesday May 12th, 2020

Sea Trials might be new to several of you. It’s one of the last signature events for recognizing the end of Plebe Year.

During Sea Trials, the Class of ‘23 will go through 14 hours of rigorous physical, mental, and teamwork challenges. The ultimate goal is to reinforce ‘23’s bonds within their companies and with their Class.

  • Sea Trials is modeled after the Marine Corps’ Crucible and the Navy’s Battle Stations recruit programs. It’s led by the upper class, and graded. At the end of Sea Trials, the company of Plebes demonstrating top performance will be recognized with the “Iron Company” award during a brief presentation.
  • Sea Trials events take place at various locations throughout The Yard and Naval Support Activity Annapolis across the Severn. Events include emergency re-supply, shore defense, Spartan relay, combat fitness test, military operations on urban terrain, damage control (pipe patching and fire hose handling), underwater events, aquatics challenges and endurance, water tactics, hill assault, two-mile regimental run, ground fight, stretcher relay, land navigation, survival skills, simulated bridge defense and demolition, paintball, endurance course, obstacle course, pugil stick jousting, riverine operations, rucksack run, and casualty evacuation.
  • It’s a full 14 hours, mildly put. Our role is to cheer the Class of ’23 on throughout the day along their route of competition.
  • The Sea Trials ends with a Closing Ceremony around 1700 either on Rip Miller Field or Dahlgren hall, depending on weather. We are encouraged to witness this ceremony, and a ‘73 Classmate will make a few very brief remarks.
  • There is a May 5th deadline to submit our list of attendees to the Alumni Association. There is no limit on the number of attendees for our Class. This event is closed to the rest of the public.

For now, I just wanted to get word out so that you can mark your calendar if you do plan to attend.  More details will be provided as May 12th approaches.It’s not necessary to be there for the full day, but whatever time you can give will make it a better demonstration of The Class of 1973’s continued support for the Class of 2023.

The Herndon Climb – Monday May 18th, 2020

The Climb is still as messy and grueling as always. It begins at 1330 on May 18th.

  • We have seating for 50. We’ll go on a first-come, first-served basis for reserving seats. I ask that you limit yourselves to one guest to accompany you, should you desire to bring a guest. There is a May 13th deadline to submit our list of attendees to the Alumni Association.

Again, I just wanted to get word out so that you can mark your calendar if you do plan to attend.   More details will be provided as May 12th approaches.

Engagements with Parents Clubs

Last winter and spring, as members of the Class of 2023 were being identified, our Class did a tremendous job reaching out to Parents Clubs (and Alumni Chapters) throughout the country to tell the parents about our commitment to their sons and daughters via the ALITC Program. You created great momentum for the Program.

I ask that you maintain these contacts with Parents Clubs and Alumni Chapters as best as you are able. As you are well aware, this is our long-term commitment to the Mids of ’23 and their families.

A great example of is provided by our Classmate Bill Liedtke (23rd Co).

From Bill, here’s how he did it:

“I am originally from Nebraska, a state that does not send too many people to the Academy.

I contacted the Nebraska Alumni chapter and the Nebraska Parents Club and was able to obtain information about this year’s plebes who hail from Nebraska. 

There are eight – I emailed them all and let them know of the ALITC program with our class being mentors to theirs, and that I was available if they had any questions, needed any advice, or whatever.  I told them that I was in their shoes 50 years ago, 1500 miles from home with no relatives close by. 

I have heard back from six of them, and have met with five of them at a couple of Navy’s football games.  Sunday I sent them all an email about the importance of Army Week – a week like no other at the Academy.  I even told them about a couple of the pranks my classmates and I pulled back in the day.

Not sure what will come out of this, it is encouraging that most did get back to me and in meeting with them they seem very well adjusted to life at USNA.  One even stated “I love it here!”

I had great cooperation from the Alumni Chapter getting me in contact with the Parents Club then they provided contact info for all the parents.  The parents then passed on the email addresses for their kids, and were thankful that I was doing this.  I even met the president of the Parents Club at one game, she was getting in one last home game before her firstie daughter graduates.”

This is a great effort, Bill. Bravo Zulu, and thank you.

Honor Coin Purchases

Coins are available for $15 per, with additional $2 for S/H.

If you are interested, please send your request to me via email at

If paying by check, please make check payable to “USNA Class of 1973”.

Coins will be available whenever we gather (Tailgates, Happy Hours, etc.).

I hope this year will be a good year for us all and for the Class of 2023.

Take good care and Non Sibi,

Joe Stewart

410-271-9655 (mobile)



Hi, Classmates,

As many of you know, this year we launched our Another Link In The Chain (ALITC) Program. The Great Class of 1973 has officially taken the Class of 2023 under our wing. As their “Half Century Elders”, we are making ourselves available as mentors until the last Mid of ’23 graduates. Thanks to you, our ALITC Program is off to an exceptionally strong start. That’s an understatement. By all measures, our participation has far exceeded participation by previous classes. Well over 100 of us have participated to date, as well as scores of spouses and family members. To mention each of you by name is not practicable for this article. Nonetheless, you have put us on the map with the Class of 2023, their parents, and the new “Supe”.

We have had four major events this year:

  • The first occurred this spring when Classmates volunteered to represent us at more than 40 USNA Parents Club “Welcome Aboard ‘23” events across the country, from Hawaii to Maryland, from Michigan to Texas. Some Classmates were active in more than one state to represent our Class. We made a memorable and favorable first impression on the future Mids and their families. When the Parents of ’23 were in The Yard for Induction Day, they were already very well aware of us. We were not strangers to them and their Plebes. These early engagements, more than any other event, were responsible for creating the momentum we needed to launch ALITC. We could not have achieved all that we have so far without our Classmates who volunteered for these engagements.


  • Then there was I-Day for ’23 on June 27th. More than 70 Classmates mustered in The Yard, many with spouses and family members. The day began early on Hospital Point where the parents and families of ’23 attended the Expo and Picnic while their soon-to-be Mids were processing in. Several thousands were in The Yard during the day, and our Classmates and spouses were fully engaged with anxious families. Later in the day, we assembled at T-Court to witness the Class of ‘23 take the Oath. There is much more pomp and ceremony than our I-Day. But it all ends the same – the last member of the new Fourth Class Regiment eventually marches into Bancroft Hall and its great doors slam shut. The day ended with a Class Happy Hour at the Fleet Reserve Club along City Dock.

Members of the Great Class of ’73 and spouses on I-Day

On Hospital Point with the Families of ‘23

Current and past Class leaders at Tecumseh Court – George Watt, Kevin Callahan, Dirk Mosis


  • The next milestone event was the Honor Coin Ceremony on July 15th in Alumni Hall. This highlights the Class of 2023’s commitment to our Honor Concept. About 30 Classmates were witness to this signature occasion. To mark this commitment, Jim Campbell represented our Class to the Fourth Class Regiment. He delivered a highly relevant address emphasizing the lifelong dedication to the ideals we still embrace.   At the conclusion of the Ceremony, our Classmates handed each Plebe an Honor Coin designed by our Honor Coin Committee – Jim Campbell, Rick Elliott, Tom Gallagher, Tim McClay, and Bob Wakefield.

Our Honor Coin

Jim Campbell presenting an Honor Coin to a Plebe of ‘23

The Classmates at the Honor Coin Ceremony


  • The last official event for this year’s ALITC Program was the Turnover Parade on August 15th.   About 20 Classmates, several with spouses and family, met on historic Worden Field as the Fourth Class Regiment was formally accepted into the Brigade. We, along with the entire Brigade, witnessed this event which was pretty much unchanged since our Parade 50 years ago. Our Classmate Eric Olson represented us reviewer.   To Eric and all our Classmates who have taken time from their schedules this summer and returned to The Yard (many traveling great distances), your contribution to our ALITC commitment is greatly appreciated.

The Regimental Staff with Admiral Eric Olson

The Classmates and our Families on historic Worden Field


The next events aren’t until May 2020 when the Class of ’23 conducts its Sea Trials and then climbs Herndon. In due course we’ll be posting all the relevant gouge on the ALITC page of our Class website and via emails from our Class President. In the meantime, please keep in touch with the Parents Clubs in your areas to remind them of our commitment to the Class of ’23.

Looking back since the beginning of this year as awareness of our ALITC Program grew, I have had a privileged vantage point to see all that you have made happen on behalf of the Class of ‘23. I believe we have set a benchmark for the classes who come after us. In the meantime, we’re in it for the long haul, at least until the last Mid of ’23 graduates.

At the end of Stribling Walk, in front of our Class bench, is our Class’ time capsule to be opened in 2073. I have shown it to parents and Mids of ’23, telling them that when the Class of 2023 is our age this will be theirs to open for their ALITC Class. They react emotionally to this, and I think they realize that “this place” of legacy and tradition is like no other. And they express appreciation that we are part of all this.

Our last event this summer and arguably the greatest occurred on August 19th, when our Classmate Bob Wakefield became the first member of the Great Class of ‘73 to be presented with an Honor Coin. Previously, the only other recipients have been members of the Class of 2023.

Bob is a member of our Honor Coin Committee. Despite ALS, Bob was fully engaged with the design of our coin. Most significantly, he ensured that our Class motto “Non Sibi” was prominently centered on the coin’s face.

Classmates also conveyed appreciation to Bob’s wife Susan. Thanks to Susan, Bob was ready and able to make this lasting contribution to our “Another Link In The Chain” effort.

Our sincerest appreciation to Bob and Susan Wakefield for the exceptional example of “Non Sibi” in action.

Left to right: Kevin Callahan, Tim McClay, Tom Gallagher, Bob Wakefield, Bruce Hargus, Susan Wakefield

The ship is USS Constitution

The plaque at the bottom reads:
Robert Wakefield
USNA 1973




The Honor Coin Ceremony: On July 15th, our Class witnessed The Class of 2023’s Honor Coin Ceremony in Alumni Hall. (Please see previous postings on the ALITC page of our Class website for background.) We had about 30 Classmates in attendance. Including family, we had more than 40 “1973’ers”. The Commander who runs this program stated that this was the largest Class turnout of the four ceremonies he has organized.

With the Fourth Class Regiment assembled in Alumni Hall, our Classmate Jim Campbell gave an exceptionally relevant and impactful address to ’23. Jim was the right Classmate at the right place and time for this milestone event of our ALITC Program. (Jim’s remarks are posted at the end of this correspondence.) Bravo Zulu, Jim. Here is the text of Jim’s remarks: Honor Coin Ceremony Remarks

After Jim’s address, we handed each Plebe their Honor Coin and shook their hands. It was a dignified, solemn, and spirited ceremony. 

Induction Day: A few days ago, the Alumni Association posted the following nine minute Induction Day video on YouTube. It is provided for your viewing:

And finally, for what it’s worth …
My initial impression of the Class of ’23 so far from witnessing their Induction, seeing them in Memorial Hall and The Yard during visits, and our presenting them with their Honor Coins is this – they have a firm handshake, they look you in the eye, and they have confident voices. So far, well done to the upper class who are leading them.

Vr and Non Sibi,
Joe Stewart

• Rick Elliott:
• Joe Stewart:

For Parking in The Yard: For Yard access passes for those without a military ID, please contact a Membership Coordinator at (410) 295-4000.

For Walking on to The Yard: Enter via Gate 1 (by Halsey Field House) with a picture ID.

Dress: Jacket and tie for gentlemen, corresponding attire for ladies.

Regret the relatively short fuse on this one. I needed to get I-Day wrapped up. Nonetheless, I hope you can make it. I appreciate it is quick notice for those who would need to travel from out of the area, and perhaps it might be easier for the local Classmates to support this one. Nonetheless, it’s an important evening for ‘23, and another opportunity for us to be gathered. If you can’t make this one, there are several more opportunities over the course of our ALITC Program.

VR and Non Sibi,
Joe Stewart

P.S. The next ALITC event will be Thursday August 15th at 1730 on historic Worden Field for the Fourth Class Regiment’s “Turnover” Parade. Details will be provided in the coming weeks.



I-Day was, by all accounts, a HUGE success for both the Academy and the Classes of 1973 and 2023!  

Here is access to a link of photographs provided by the Alumni Association:

Many of the classmates in attendance at I-day also took photographs.  Follow this link to a separate page of this website containing photographs of various I-Day activities:


Finally, here is the RECAP of Induction Day activities from Joe Stewart, our Class of 1973 ALITC Coordinator:

Hi, Everyone.

June 27th 2019 was Induction Day for the Class of 2023.

As is mandatory for I-Days, it was sunny and hot with a high temp of 91. Nonetheless, we held up well. WBGT didn’t seem to take out anyone.

Our Class had exceptional participation in the day’s events. There were 71 of us, and along with our spouses and our guests our total was about 130. We traveled from throughout the country to be in The Yard. During the Expo and Picnic on Hospital Point, we were fully engaged with the families of ’23 as their future Mids were in-processing. Then at 1800, we witnessed the Class of 2023 take the Oath of Office. For many of us, the entire day was somewhat beyond comprehension – to realize half a century has passed since we first took the Oath as a Class and would go on to become “The Great Class of 1973”. That is how the Superintendent referred to us when he addressed the new Fourth Class Regiment.

The day ended with a Class Happy Hour at the Fleet Reserve Club along Ego Alley in downtown Annapolis. Wasn’t aware of any OPREP-3 incidents.

With regard to our participation being “exceptional”, we asked our ALITC counterparts from the classes of ’70, ‘71, and ‘72 about their I-Day participation. Of the two who responded, each stated there were about 30 to 35 who posted from their classes.

My great appreciation to all who were in The Yard either in person or in spirit on June 27th. You made it a significant day in our continuing Class history.

Many thanks also to our Classmates for all they did over the past several months to launch our ALITC Program. It all started through your engagements with the Parents Clubs and Alumni Chapters across the U.S. to tell them and the future Mids of ’23 about us. We had scores of Classmates representing us in at least 42 cities across the country, ranging from Hawaii to Maryland and from Michigan to Texas. Your engagements paid off big time. Of the very many parents we spoke with during I-Day, just about all knew about our Class, our commitment to their sons and daughters, and our ALITC Program – all thanks to you. A key element to maintaining a successful Program over the next four years will be your persistent engagement with the Clubs and Chapters. If you would stay involved with what you have begun, that will be appreciated.

About our continuing Class history…

In the Class of 2023’s Reef Points there is a brief history of The Great Class of 1973. We were limited to 900 words. We received many inputs and helpful editing guidance from many of you. Thank you to all who contributed. While we couldn’t include everything, within this constraint we attempted to tell some of our story in a way that might best resonate with young men and women (mostly 18 year olds) whose world in many ways is vastly different from ours 50 years ago. Here is a link to our Class history as it appears in the Class of 2023’s Reef Points1973 History for Reef Points

We intend to gather all we have collected from you as well as details found in Nimitz Library’s archives from our four years in The Yard, and to tell the rest of our story in time for our 50th Reunion.

We are indeed underway, once again, as a Class.

With great respect and Non Sibi,
Joe Stewart

P.S. The next ALITC event will be the Honor Coin Ceremony early evening of July 15th in Alumni Hall. Will provide more details early this coming week. This brief ceremony is open to all Classmates to include our spouses and guests. While we will need about 20 Classmates to help pass out our Honor Coins to the Fourth Class Regiment, there is no limit on our attendance. More to follow shortly.



June 12- 2019 – This is the final update for the I-Day activities to be held on June 27, 2019.

  • We have 57 Classmates who have indicated that they will be here on I-Day. Including our spouses and guests, we’ll have over a hundred ‘73’ers. This is a great response.
  • Those who will be here on I-Day should review the Academy’s I-Day website at It has a lot of good gouge on all that’s going on that day. It’s good insight into what the Class of 2023’s families will be doing on June 27th while their soon-to-be Mids are processing in.

As for getting on and off The Yard on I-Day, here is the gouge posted on the Academy’s I-Day website:

  • Commencing 0545 (until 2200), USNA will provide bus service from Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium to Alumni Hall. At approximately 0800 bus service will continue to the Visitor’s Center and the Midshipmen Store parking lot. There is a $5 charge to park at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

There is more information on the website about what gates are opened and when.

As for checking in once you get to Hospital Point, there is supposed to be a central check-in table there. If you have submitted your name and guests’ names to Rick Elliott and me, you should be on the check-in list. We’ll be given wrist bands for entry to the Picnic. I will periodically swing by the table in case there are any difficulties.

Here is the rest of the day’s schedule.

0900-1400 on Hospital Point: Alumni Association/USNA Foundation Welcome Aboard Picnic (Dahlgren Hall if foul weather). Dress is casual. Dress for comfort. If you have them, wear ball caps and/or shirts with our Class crest or Class year. Once you check-in and have your wrist band, please find the ’73 table where we’ll have ’73 buttons for all of us to wear, guys and ladies. Here are our buttons:

I plan on being in The Yard NLT 0830 to set up our ’73 table. If you have any memorabilia to display, please bring it. Just about all of you have offered to take a turn manning the table. If a couple of us would show up by 0900 and take the first half hour shift, that would be appreciated. Since I’m expecting we’ll be arriving at different times throughout the morning, we’ll assign follow-on 30 minute shifts as we arrive. Just stop by the ’73 table and offer to help and we’ll work it from there. It’s equally important that we engage with the families wherever you find them on Hospital Point and throughout The Yard. That is the main action of the entire day.

1400 to 1725: On our own.

1725 in T-Court: Band Concert, and the Class of ‘23 procession to their seats prior to taking the Oath.

1800 in T-Court: Oath of Office Ceremony (Alumni Hall if foul weather).
We have limited reserved seating along the curved walkways to Bancroft Hall to witness the Oath of Office Ceremony, and unlimited access to observe the ceremony from the front of T-Court with the families of ‘23.

We are not able to accommodate everyone for the reserved seating (10 on the Superintendent’s side and 50 on the Commandant’s side). We will do our best to include as many of us as possible (to include our spouses). I will be submitting lists with your contact info to the Alumni Association who will then provide them to the Supe’s office and to the Dant’s office. Those offices are then supposed to send out individual invitations electronically. Dress for reserved seating will be jacket and tie for men and corresponding dress the ladies.

1830 to 1915 at the Mexican War Memorial: We’ll gather there to spend time with the unaccompanied Plebes before they re-form, enter Bancroft Hall, and the doors slam shut. The main purpose of this time is to help them connect back home with their families (they will have already surrendered their cell phones). Recommend that we keep our phones as fully charged as possible. We can appreciate the anxiety the Plebes and their families have – most of us were unaccompanied 50 years ago. Even though they will have evening meal once they enter Mother B at 1915, they likely wouldn’t turn down any calories you might bring, should you want to.

1915 along Stribling Walk: Evening meal formation. The Class of ’23 will re-form and enter Bancroft, the great doors will close, and the rest will eventually become history.

1930 to 2200 Happy Hour at the Fleet Reserve Club (FRC): First of all, many thanks to our Classmate Bruce Hargus for doing all the work to make this happen. The FRC’s address is 100 Compromise Street, Annapolis, MD 21401. From Tecumseh through Gate One (the one near Halsey Field House) and around City Dock it should be less than a 15 minute walk. At the FRC, we’ll have a cash bar and a $10 per person “feed the kitty” charge to cover appetizers. Our Classmate Kevin Callahan has offered to be our banker, so when you see Kevin please feed our kitty. Per the Academy’s I-Day website, Gate One will accommodate pedestrian traffic from 0500 to 2359. Please have a valid picture ID with you to get back into The Yard.

This wraps up all the events on June 27th.  An additional activity is planned for June 28.

Morning – June 28th: For anyone still standing the following morning, I propose we meet on Friday June 28th at 0745 at the ‘73 Bench at the end of Stribling, and then make our way to T-Court to observe Morning Colors. Then we’ll go our separate ways until the next ALITC event – the Honor Coin Ceremony on July 15th at Alumni Hall at 1900. More to follow on that one later this month, after we get I-day behind us.

I want to thank you for the great response our Class has had for our ALITC effort. It began with the scores of you who have represented us at the Welcome Aboard/Send-Off Picnics sponsored by Parents Clubs and Alumni Chapters throughout the country. We still have a few requests we have not been able to fulfill so far (Toledo Ohio on June 15th, Madison Mississippi on June 22nd, and Middletown Delaware on June 23rd). However, from Hawaii to Maryland, from Michigan to Texas we have coverage and engagement – more than 40 places throughout the US where the Great Class of 1973 is creating a great first impression. The response to I-Day is just as robust. And we are just getting underway. The success of our ALITC effort will depend on establishing persistent relationships over time with the members of ’23 and the Parents Clubs and Alumni Chapters associated with them.

Thank you for all you have done so far.

Beginning with I-Day, there are three themes we’ll be emphasizing to the Class of ’23 over the years ahead: supporting and defending the Constitution; embracing our Honor Concept; and living “Non Sibi” as a way of life. We recognize no statute of limits on these duties. We are highly qualified to do this.

Contact me whenever …

VR and Non Sibi,

Joe Stewart ‘73


Here is additional information on the ALITC that previously distributed.

A Call for Volunteers from The Great Class of 1973 “Another Link in the Chain”

Connecting the Class of 1973 with the Class of 2023

Status report – Spring and Summer 2019 Activities (as of mid-May 2019)

This is an update of ALITC Program activities that will occur in the next month or so

“Welcome Aboard/Send Off” events

First of all, your response to represent ’73 at the “Welcome Aboard/Send Off” events for the Class of ‘23 has been above and beyond. Thanks to your outreach, we will have scores of Classmates representing us in 33 venues ranging from Honolulu to Annapolis. The future members of the Class of ’23 and their families will be in great hands from the very beginning, thanks to you.

A few venues are still in need of representation. As of mid-May, they are:
• Mississippi – Madison (June 22nd)
• New York – Massapequa, Long Island (June 1st)
• Oklahoma – Oklahoma City (June 8th)
• Pennsylvania – York (June 23rd)
• Tennessee – Nashville (June 8th)
• Texas – Dallas (June 15th)

If you are available and willing, please let me know and I’ll provide you with the local contact info and “The ALITC Gouge”.

I-Day – June 27, 2019
Again, the Class response has been great. So far, more than 50 of us have indicated that we will be in The Yard. Along with spouses and guests we’ll have over 100 altogether. Thanks to the many of you who volunteered to take a turn manning our 73 table at the Expo. In early June, I’ll send out another update on the Expo and Picnic on Hospital Point, the Swearing-In Ceremony, and our Class Happy Hour.

Other Summer 2019 Events:

• Honor Coin Ceremony – Monday July 15th, 1800 Alumni Hall. This milestone event marks the Class of 2023’s commitment to our Honor Concept. Each member of the Class of ’23 will be given an Honor Coin designed by our Honor Coin Committee. We will hand the coins to each Plebe. This ceremony is open to all of us. Our Classmate Jim Campbell will represent our Class as speaker. Details to follow in due course.

• “Turn-over Parade” – Thursday August 15th, 1730. While viewing this parade is open to the general public, only a limited number of Classmates will be able to review the parade from the reviewing area. Our Classmate Eric Olson will be the official reviewer. More details to follow in due course.

More to follow on all these near-term events. But in the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at “ “. I look forward to hearing from you, and will make all efforts to respond within a day.

For bringing our ALITC Program to life and taking it “FORAC”, my sincerest appreciation.

Vr and Non Sibi,

Joe Stewart


18 APR 2019 STATUS REPORT : Send off follow up – 28 Apr 2019: Send off follow up – 28 Apr 2019

Another Link in the Chain

Status report – “A Call for Volunteers from The Great Class of 1973”

Many thanks to all of our Classmates who will be representing ‘73 at the “Welcome Aboard/Send Off” events sponsored by Parents Clubs and Alumni Chapters throughout the country later this spring. Your engagement will inaugurate our ALITC Program. What a great first impression the Class of 2023 and their families will have of us. Your volunteering is greatly appreciated.

There are a few outstanding requests for our presence. Here are the regions and dates of their events:

  • Alabama – Birmingham, June 8th
  • Southern California – San Dimas, June 9th
  • Florida – Milton, June 8th
  • New York – Long Island (Massapequa), June 1st
  • Mississippi – Madison, June 22nd
  • Oklahoma – Oklahoma City, June 8th
  • Pennsylvania – Allentown, June 13th
  • Pennsylvania – York, June 23rd

If you are available and willing to represent our Class at these events and say a few words about our ALITC Program to the future Class of ’23 and their families, that too will be greatly appreciated.

If “yes”, please send me an email and I’ll provide you further details and POCs in these areas. I will provide you the ALITC Program gouge if you need.

My email address is:

FYI, an update on I-Day (June 27th) will be posted in May. The response has been very good. Classmates far and near will be attending the Expo and Picnic on Hospital Point, the Swearing-in Ceremony in T-Court, and the Class Happy Hour to conclude the day. We hope you and yours can be in Annapolis on June 27th.

All the best, VR, and always Non Sibi.

Joe Stewart



Another Link in the Chain – Induction Day Gouge for the Class of 1973
June 27th, 2019
(Update  as of March 21, 2019)

Here is an adobe acrobat version of the following March 21 Update: I-Day gouge for ’73

Hello again, Classmates.

For your planning purposes and general information, here is the latest on our I-Day engagement with the families of the Class of ’23 and the Class itself.

I respectfully request your participation in the day’s events. Whether you are local to the Annapolis area or making a long pilgrimage back to The Yard, your engagement with the families of ‘23 and the new Class itself will be the first opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment as the senior Class to our Alma Mater, the Plebes, and each other.

Also, our spouses are part of all this. As much as they are willing and able, they too are especially welcomed.

A heads-up … I-Day is very different from our experience 50 years ago.

We are also planning time for us to gather at the conclusion of I-Day’s official events. June 27th offers us a distinctive occasion to enjoy our half century of Brotherhood and to recall the first commitment we made as a class on June 30th, 1969. We’ll only get to do this once.

Here is the Plan of the Day for I-Day, June 27th, 2019:

Event 1 – Expo and Picnic at Hospital Point

Families of the Class of 2023 gather at Hospital Point (or Dahlgren Hall if there is foul weather) as their soon-to-be Plebes process in throughout the day. This is a large event, with over a thousand people. The Expo goes from 0930 to 1400. We will have a station available for us (two 6 foot tables) at the Expo. Will need volunteers to help set-up our station and be ready for business NLT 0900.

Our tasks at the Expo and Picnic:

  • Engagement: The primary task of the day is to interact with the families of the Class of ‘23. Mix and mingle and tell them everything will be ok for their sons and daughters. If you have ball caps, polo shirts, et cetera with our Class logo, please wear them.
  • Man the station: As mentioned, we will have a station set up for our Class at the Expo. We can set up a display of memorabilia from our time as Mids – pictures, Lucky Bags, the ’73 flag, Logs, … whatever draws people to our station and generates their interest and engagement with us. Volunteers are needed to bring their memorabilia and decorate the table with our stuff, and to man a shift at the station throughout the event.
  • Enjoy the I-Day Picnic: The Picnic goes from 1100 to 1400. Our Class has made a generous contribution to help sponsor this event, so there is no charge for us and our guests to enjoy the chow line. We’ll need a headcount. Wrist bands are supposed to be issued. Let me know if you will be attending and how many will be with you.
  • Address to families of ‘23: During welcoming remarks by the Alumni Association, we have a three minute slot to welcome parents and talk about ourselves and our commitment to the Class of ‘23. Our Class President will represent us.

Event 2 – the Swearing In Ceremony

The Swearing In Ceremony is at 1800 in T-Court. While the essentials are the same, it is very different from our relatively simple induction. It’s quite impressive for its pomp and ceremony.

Our tasks at the Swearing In Ceremony:

  • Witness the Induction of the Class of ’23: All of us are invited and encouraged to witness the Induction at T-Court. We do have some seats reserved along the curved walkways leading up to the entrance of Bancroft. There are 10 seats (or up to five couples since our spouses are invited to sit with us) on the Supe’s side, and 50 seats (or 25 couples) on the Dant’s side. These seats will be will be reserved for those who have volunteered to support the Expo and to those who have been serving on the Honor Coin Committee. In the event we have more volunteers than reserved seating can accommodate, we’ll prioritize according to those “first to respond to the call” to volunteer.
  • Meet with unaccompanied Plebes: Following the Swearing In, the new Plebes have a brief period to spend with their families along Stribling before they march into Bancroft and the doors slam shut. For those Plebes whose families were not able to be with them, they muster by the Mexican War Monument at the center of Stribling. We’ll muster there also to congratulate and support them, and offer them the use of our cell phones to call home.

Event 3 – Class of ’73 Happy Hour

After all the official I-Day events conclude, we are planning time for us all to gather locally and renew friendships and our bonds as the 50th Anniversary of our own I-Day approaches. Our Classmate Bruce Hargus has graciously taken on the planning for this. More details to follow later this spring.

Other important gouge:

Parking: Recommend parking at the stadium and taking the shuttle bus over. If you have a military ID, you can drive onto The Yard, but it will be a zoo unless you get there early enough to help set up for the EXPO. If you do not have a military ID and believe you will need regular access to The Yard, please call the Membership Coordinator at the Alumni Association at (410) 295-4000 and ask for either Cynthia or Carrie. Inform them that that you would like to apply for a “Yard access pass” and they will walk you through the process. Please be aware that this process takes some time to complete.

Uniforms of the Day:
• For the Expo and Picnic, dress for comfort. It will likely be warm and the “WBGT” high.
• For those in reserved seating for the Swearing In Ceremony, sports coat and tie is appropriate.

Registration: In order to get a good count of who will be here for the Expo and Picnic, the Swearing In Ceremony, and the Happy Hour, request you provide the following information to me and Classmate Rick Elliott (our contact info is below):
• your rank/title
• your first name
• your last name
• your service
• your spouse’s name if attending
• your email address
• your cell phone number

This is a lot of info to ask, but for those who will eventually be identified for the reserved seating at the Swearing In Ceremony, the Protocol Office requires this. Rick has graciously taken on the task of maintaining a spreadsheet of this information.  Our email addresses are:

  •  for Rick Elliott:
  •  for Joe Stewart:

Deadline: If you will be here for I-day, please RSVP NLT Monday, June 3rd, 2019 and include the requested information.

My thanks for wading through all this. Looking forward to seeing you on I-Day.

Very respectfully and Non Sibi,
Joe Stewart



Background Information – (February 2019)

MsWord File:  ALITC Gouge

Adobe Acrobat File:  ALITC Gouge

ALITC Brief (PowerPoint):  ALITC Brief

ALITC Brief (Adobe Acrobat):  ALITC Brief

Hello Again, Everyone.

In order to get our ALITC Program off to a good start, THIS WINTER AND SPRING WE NEED CLASSMATE VOLUNTEERS FROM ‘73 from throughout the country and overseas to engage with Alumni Chapters, Parent Clubs, and Blue & Gold Officers to tell them about our commitment to the Class of 2023 via our ALITC Program.

To make this a little less daunting, we are providing an ALITC Brief if you choose to use it as well as a few pages of gouge explaining the ALITC Program.  

These two companion pieces provide enough general info for you to be conversant about ‘73’s ALITC Program.  They are attached ABOVE.

(And OBTW, thanks to Classmate Rick Elliott for constructing the brief. BZ, Rick!)

If you can make time to engage with the future Class of ’23 and their families this winter and spring and support our ALITC effort, that will be greatly appreciated.

We have already received requests from various regions of the country for a ‘73 Alum to attend “Send-Off” picnics and other venues in early June. The requests so far are from Long Island, Boston, and South Carolina.

Financially, our ALITC Program is on firm footing. Your contributions at our 45th Reunion were very generous. In that respect, our ALITC Program is good go.

What we need in order to make this a successful program is your engagement and presence this winter and spring with the organizations mentioned above, and most importantly with the Class of 2023 in the years ahead.   

I appreciate you have full lives and calendars already; nonetheless, in the spirit of “Non Sibi” our service is once again needed, in this case for the Class of 2023. 

I respectfully request your reaching out to those connected with the Class of ’23 and offer your support to inform them of our ALITC Program.

To find Parent Club, Alumni Chapters, and Blue & Gold Officers nearest you, go to:

Here you will have access to an interactive map of the world where you can find Alumni Chapters, Parent Clubs, and Blue & Gold Area Coordinators along with their contact information.

If you choose to participate in this effort and do connect with one of the entities on the map, please let me know so that I know we have coverage in that area.

Many thanks for reading through all this, and for giving this your consideration. 

It’s our time to serve once again, Classmates.

Sincerely, VR, and above all “Non Sibi”,

Joe Stewart ‘73


January 7, 2019

Hi, Classmates, and Happy New Year.

This is our year to begin our engagement with the Class of 2023. Over the coming weeks, I will be posting gouge for the ALITC Program on our website.

Our engagement begins as the Class of ’23 is forming later this winter and spring. I will request your participation whenever and wherever possible. Initially this will be with nation-wide Alumni Chapters, Parents Clubs, and Blue and Gold Officers. What I ask is your engagement with all these, to tell them about the ALITC Program and the Great Class of 1973, and let them know of our commitment to support the incoming class of 2023 during its years at the Academy.

I will provide you with the talking points on the ALITC Program just so we all have the same gouge. But more important will be what you bring of yourself to the engagement – what it meant and still means to us to have had our shared experiences at the Academy, and in the Fleet and the Corps. We can’t overemphasize the centrality of our Honor Concept, and what it means to embrace “Non Sibi” as an enduring way of life.

More to follow, but for now I want to post the USNA Instruction on ALITC – “Program of Support Between United States Naval Academy Classes that Span 50 Years, “A Link in the Chain”’.  Here is the link: USNAINST-1531.48C-Program-of-Support-Between-US-Naval-Academy-Classes-that-Span-50-Years (1)

As most instructions coming from the Commandant’s Office, this is not a pager turner; however, it provides very good detail about the program. If you could review, that will be greatly appreciated.

I-Day for the Class of 2023 is June 27th. I hope you can be here in The Yard for this day, and afterwards splice the mainbrace nearby to enjoy each other’s company as we approach the 50th anniversary of our I-Day on June 30th, 1969. Hard to believe.

Take good care.

VR and Sincerely,

Joe Stewart,


Another Link in the Chain (ALITC) – QUICK SUMMARY

Another Link in the Chain (ALITC) is a mentorship program connecting an incoming Naval Academy class with the class 50 years senior.  In our case, it will provide The Great Class of 1973 the opportunity to connect with the future Great Class of 2023. The program is managed by the Alumni Association.  Our first official engagement will be on their I-Day in 2019 and officially ends when the final member of the Class graduates and is commissioned in 2023.  In between these years will be several scheduled events for us to engage with the Class of ‘23.  Our spouses will also be invited participate in some of these.  During these engagements, it will be our turn to demonstrate our commitment to service, to share our experiences in the Fleet and the Corps, to emphasize timeless principles and values which have guided us, and to emphasize the respect and concern we maintain for each other and our Alma Mater over time.

Our ALITC sponsorship does not come without cost. As a Class, we will be expected to share expenses for such things as the I-Day Welcome aboard Picnic for families, Honor Coins, Ensign/2nd Lieutenant bars at graduation.

Coordinator & Contact Info: Joe Stewart,