October 5-8, 2023

This attachment contains all of the information provided below: Reunion announcement 0901922


Below is the current schedule for the 50th Reunion.  Although not finalized yet, pricing for the major events is estimated as follows:

Registration:  $30 per person

This includes the costs for registration, transportation, name tags, and other costs that are not specifically assigned to an event.

Shipwreck:  $65 per person  (Thursday Oct. 5, 1830-2030)

The traditional Shipwreck menu includes the popular pasta bar and carving stations.  A cash bar (pay your own way) will be provided.

Class Meeting, Memorial Service, Lunch (Friday Oct. 6, 0900-1300)

Lunch Cost:  $10 per person

Company Parties:  Each company is on its own to set up company parties scheduled for Friday evening.

Football game (homecoming) and tailgate:  $100 per person, children under 12 free) (Saturday Oct 7, time TBD based on game schedule)

Tailgate Includes a “Taste of the Chesapeake” theme including crab dip, grilled chicken, pit beef, oysters, shrimp, crab soup and all the fixin’s. Plus the famous Nutty Buddies for dessert.   Beer, wine and soda will be provided.  A cash bar will be provided for mixed drinks.

Note:  As in past reunions, access to the N* room at the stadium for the tailgate will require a ticket to the football game for entry.  Standing room only tickets will work, but you will not have a seat for the game.  The game will be available on TVs in the N* room.

Sunday Brunch in King Hall (Mess Hall):  $6.15 per person (Sunday Oct. 8 0800-1000)

Dinner Dance:  $150 per person  (Sunday Oct. 8, time TBD, Dahlgren Hall)

The Dinner Dance is still being planned, therefore this price is what we anticipate, but is subject to change as we get closer.  The dinner will include various food stations and a cash bar.  A DJ will provide music for your listening and dancing pleasure.  We will attempt to provide seating by company.

We have once again selected The Westin Hotel as our hotel base.  The rate per night is $329.  I know this is higher than any of us would like, but it is competitive in the Annapolis market. Reservations can be made beginning October 5, 2022.  The committee will publish information on making reservations as soon as The Westin provides them to us.  Please go not call The Westin until we publish the procedures to get the class rate.  We will also set up class rates for other hotels in the area and will publish those rates when available.

The Reunion Committee is looking forward to seeing you at our 50th!

Here is the full Schedule of Events for the 50th Reunion.

Thursday 5 October

TBD                 Reunion Check in at Hotel (The Westin Annapolis)

TBD             $    Golf

0730-1600       Midshipmen Store Hours

0900-1700       Visitor Center Hours

0900-1700       Museum Hours

1200-1215       Noon Meal Formation

1830-2030 $    Shipwreck Party (N* Room at the stadium)

Friday 6 October

0900-1700       Reunion Check in at Hotel

0730-1600       Midshipmen Store Hours

0900-1700       Visitor Center Hours

0900-1700       Museum Hours

0900-1000       Class Meeting (US Naval Institute Building, Hospital Point)

1100-1200       Memorial Service (US Naval Institute Building, Hospital Point)

1200-1300 $    No Host Lunch at (US Naval Institute Building, Hospital Point)

1200-1215       Noon Meal Formation

1350-1500       Superintendent Briefing Mahan Hall

1600-1715       Dress Parade on Worden Field

1915-2030       Jewish Service in Levy Center

TBD                 Company Parties

Saturday 7 October

0730-1600       Midshipmen Store Hours

0900-1700       Visitor Center Hours

0900-1700       Museum Hours

1000-1700       Reunion Check in at Westin Hotel

TBD             $    Football Game and Tailgate (N* Room at Stadium)

Sunday 8 October

0900-1700       USNA Visitor Center Hours

0900-1000       Catholic Service (Main Chapel)

0800-1000 $    Brunch in King Hall

1000-1600       Midshipmen Store Hours

1100-1700       Museum Hours

1100-1215       Protestant Service (Main Chapel)

TBD            $    Dinner Dance in Dahlgren Hall

$  above indicates there is a cost associated with this event.  Everyone must register for the reunion and pay the $30 registration fee.  You must also register and pay for the below listed events in advance so that we can verify attendance to the caterers.  Registration will be handled through the Alumni Association.  You will be notified when registration is open.  Costs for each event are summarized below:

Registration:  $30

Golf:  TBD

Shipwreck Party:  $65

Lunch after class meeting/memorial service:  $10

Tailgate:  $100

Brunch in King Hall:  $6.15

Dinner Dance:  $150

Registration and Check-In Location:  The Westin

Transportation: Annapolis Bus Company

Contact Info:

Doug Rice, Chairman

Cell:  410-340-2520



In the Spring of 2021, the 50th Reunion Campaign Committee will launch The 50th Reunion Color Company Competition to help boost the participation from all of our 36 Companies.  No 50th reunion class has gone above 60% participation, but the Class of 1973 is NOT just any class. Our goal is to have 73% participation.  The Company with the highest percentage of participants in our 50th Reunion Campaign will be declared The Class of 1973 50th Reunion Color Company.  For more information, either go to the Class of ’73 Campaign page of this website:

or, consult your Company Representative: 1973Company Representatives | (



The Class of 1973 50th Reunion Recognition Ride


 The Class of 1973 Recognition Ride is a cross country bike ride organized to symbolically gather deceased classmates back to Annapolis for our 50th reunion in 2023.

Ride Format

 The ride will be a thru-ride. This format translates to a core team advancing as a group and riding the full 3,200 mile route. Accommodations will vary between camping and motels.

Segment rides organized by classmates, family and friends who want to share a few hours or days along the route are welcomed. Contact me if you’d like more information on how segment rides can coordinate with the overall ride.


 The current route is from Astoria, OR to Annapolis, MD. A few of the connecting communities include Portland, OR; Boise, ID; Jackson Hole, WY; Casper, WY; Norfolk, NE; Des Moines, IA; Davenport, IA; South Bend, IN; Toledo, OH; Pittsburgh, PA; Cumberland, MD; and Washington D.C. (There may be some adjustments to the route between Davenport, IA and Pittsburgh, PA once more is learned about specific route options.)

The total mileage is 3,198 miles, which includes 91,504 feet of elevation gain. The trip will take 68 days — 59 riding days, 4 rest days, and 5 contingency days. The route includes 986 miles of cycleway or off-road trail suitable for touring bikes. Turn by turn, written directions and voice supported navigational software will be available for riders and those providing support.

Recognition Ride Dates

The ride will begin on 7/29/23 at Navy Heights in Astoria, OR and conclude in Annapolis on Wednesday, 10/4/23 … just ahead of planned 50th Reunion activities.

A Little More About the Ride

The primary purpose of this bike ride is to honor our fallen classmates by symbolically gathering each to Annapolis for our 50th reunion. Each riding day during the 68 day crossing will be dedicated to one or two of our deceased classmates. A social media portal will post anticipated dates dedicated to individual classmates as well as a means for classmates, family, and friends to share personal tributes, photos, and memories.

It is hoped that all in our class, along with families and friends of fallen classmates, and other alums will participate in the Recognition Ride, either vicariously through the Recognition Ride portal, by riding with the team for a few miles or by providing support along the way. Our deceased classmates remain links in our chain, and this is one opportunity to honor their contributions to country, family, and the lives and legacies of those in the Class of 1973.

There is still room on the Thru-Ride team for any member of ’73 who would like to join us. Contact me if you’d like more information.

Non Sibi,


Doug Leland