45th Reunion Special Event:

Friday, 31 September, at 1350, in Mahan Hall…

The Naval Academy Superintendent, Vice Admiral Walter E. “Ted” Carter, to address the Class of 1973..

All classmates attending the reunion are invited to attend…..

45th Reunion Information

There have been recent changes.  Before registering, please read the following letter from Kevin Callahan.

Once you have done so, please note that registration must be done on-line.  There are registration instructions at the bottom of this page, following Kevin’s letter.

May 2, 2018

By this point, nearly everyone knows that we have had to make three changes with respect to our 45th Reunion date.  And last week the Mountain West Conference announced the start time for the Navy-Hawaii football game will be 1700, Hawaii Time!  That’s 11 P.M. Eastern Time.  This makes a tailgate/game watch too hard!  We went into high gear and met with the NAAA to see what they could do for us, and they have come through better than we could have dreamed.

So, meet PLAN D! (Hopefully, the last!) (See SCHEDULE OF EVENTS  – below)

It turns out there is a scheduled Men’s soccer game against Air Force on Friday, August 31 at 1900.  Normally, collegiate soccer is played on natural turf (inside the Yard), but Chet agreed to ask the soccer coach if he’d be willing to move the game to NMCMS to play in front of what will probably be the largest crowd ever for a Navy soccer game.  We just received word that the coach said, “Yes”. Chet further said that NAAA would make it a marquee event where they would heavily promote the soccer game, pushing for record attendance.  This was done for a women’s soccer game recently and was very successful.

That was the first domino to fall.  We have negotiated a change in date with both our caterer for the tailgate (now to be Friday evening) and the hotel for the dinner/dance (now Saturday).  We are now good to go for the caterer and now the hotel has agreed to change dates!

We were also able to arrange a tour of the new Ricketts Hall sports rehab and athletic Hall of Fame, currently under construction, time TBD.  There are also going to be tours of Preble Hall (USNA museum) and, if we can arrange it, static displays of the YPs.

Sports Events around the Yard, Labor Day weekend:

Friday, August 31:           Men’s Soccer – Air Force @ Navy 7pm  (@ NMCMS)

Saturday, September 1:   Women’s Volleyball Tournament

  • Alabama vs. Dartmouth 1pm
  • Villanova vs. Dartmouth 4pm
  • Alabama vs. Navy 7pm

Saturday, September 1:     Water Polo – all day

Sunday, September 2:       Women’s Volleyball:   Alabama vs. Villanova 1pm

It seems like we lucked out!  Playing a major rival, watching it from inside a comfort-controlled atmosphere in the N*Room, in the company of only our peers and their spouses and significant others…it can’t get much better!

Some people are probably asking, “why not switch to a home football game weekend?”.  At this point, the Class has signed contracts with the hotel for rooms and a dinner/dance and the caterer for a Shipwreck Party and Tailgate.  Although they were willing to move us to the Labor Day weekend, they are already fully booked for the home season games and neither are understandably (from their perspective) inclined to letting us out of a contract.

I’ve been asked about company parties.  I see this like the leadership problems where you get 2 or 3 big priority items, 6-8 medium, and a slew of little ones, all you’re supposed to fit into a box.  The tailgate and dinner/dance are the big items we have to get in the box.  I see company parties as a lower priority that can be accommodated Friday or Saturday afternoons. People will complain that they might miss the golf or fellowship (or, God forbid, the Class meeting!).  Life’s a matter of choices, and they can join their company mates after those events or at the two biggies.

Just a reminder: For our 45th Reunion, Class of ‘73 memorabilia will only be available through online order. There will be no “goodie bags” handed out at the reunion. The Class of 1973 Ship’s Store has been set up and is currently open for an early bird campaign which will end  May 15th. The purpose of the early bird campaign is to give everyone an opportunity to procure items for use during the summer. Merchandise will be shipped directly to your home. For the first time (because you’re not picking up gedunk at check-in), if you are not planning to attend the reunion you can buy class memorabilia for direct shipment to your home. After the early bird campaign, the store will be open for orders until July 22, 2018 to ensure merchandise is delivered before the reunion. Toggle on the following link to browse the

Class of 1973 Ship’s Store:  http://www.usnaclasstore.com/73store.html

Guys who have already registered will be contacted to determine their preferences and accommodated.

For the committee, non sibi



The 73 Power Prayer Team Update – 21 June 2018

See the following link for details on the 73 Power Prayer Team.  The group will meet during the 45th Reunion  for another outstanding, faith based, non-denominational fellowship that is currently planned for 1300 – 1400 on Saturday Sep 1 at Mission BBQ on Dock St. E-mail  73ppt@earthlink.net. for additional information.

The 73 Power Prayer Team – 21 June 2018


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